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Reballing Station Buy

This a station designed to accommodate all of your soldering, hot air, hot tip soldering, and desoldering needs from a single station. Three hand tools in one compact package will save you space and time. This compact rework center will simplify any technician's work area. Includes PS902-1, HT500, FA069, LST11, PM100 and PM200 Requires Shop Air (60-90 psi)

reballing station buy

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Those who occasionally repair electronic gadgets know the importance of using hot air rework stations. They assist you to safely solder as well as de-solder electronic components and parts in less time and with great accuracy. Moreover, they are perfect for attaching and detaching SMD components like PLCCs, BGAs, QFNs, and SOICs.

You may find these tools being widely used for applications like preheating, lacquer removal, and heat shrinking. The hot air rework stations are all-in-one appliances that are famous among welding hobbyists and professional electricians.

The 2-in-1 hot air rework station can control the temperature in both F and C. It comes with multiple functions that indicate its versatility. This YIHUA tool is famous for its cutting-edge temperature control technology, protection features, ease of programming, and vivid digital display.

There are several different tools included in this pack of hot air rework station. Each of them is designed keeping in mind precision and user-friendliness. This 4 in 1 repairing station is famous for maintaining a constant set temperature. Moreover, it allows you to easily adjust the airflow.

This Aoyue digital hot air rework station is durably built from metal. It comes with a digital display that precisely shows inputs and outputs. It accurately shows the temperature of soldering iron. You can precisely know the actual and set temperatures with the help of touch control. Moreover, this digital display comes with auto sleep function and a digital calibration facility. The weight of this Aoyue tool is 11 pounds.

This digital hot air rework station is famous for maintaining a constant set temperature whenever the set and the value are attained. There is the presence of a black protective cover on the tip. You need to take this cover outside before you power on the unit. The included smoke extractor absorbs the fumes generated at the source when soldering.

The Quick 861DW rework station is an excellent addition to your workbench. It is useful for SMD work, and it can also be used for the high current soldered connectors. The simplicity of use, accuracy, ease of programming, and powerful airflow are the specialties of this digital rework station.

This rework station works at 1000 watts of power. It comes with a maximum airflow of 120 L/min. The maximum temperature it can work is approximately 930 F. There is support for three channels along with airflow and programmable temperature settings. The built-in handle offers portability.

The 861DW tool rests in a stand along with a magnetic switch. This switch automatically places the station into sleep mode while not in use. This unit operates in sleep mode when the handle is positioned in the stand. The automatic cooling system increases the longevity of the tool and also protects the handle.

Its temperature precision is excellent for most soldering works. Generally, this digital rework station works flawlessly and efficiently for soldering projects that involve tin, lead, and bismuth. The additional features are automatic cooling function, automatic sleep function, key-lock functions, and password protection.

Next on our list is the Newacalox hot air rework station. This is a very reliable soldering station and can heat within 3-5 seconds. It has many safety features that make it the safest hot air rework station on our list.

The rework station is controlled by using an 858D microcomputer. It can reach up to a maximum temperature of 500 C. Using this, you can solder multiple components, including PLCC, BGA, SOIC, and QFP.

If you are looking for a hot air rework station that can heat up rapidly, go for this tool from NOEVSBIG. It is an energy-efficient rework station that comes with digital display and several advanced features. The inclusion of an automatic cooling function makes it unique among the rest of the models.

There is the availability of three types of nozzles i.e. 8mm, 5mm, and 3mm. The premium quality silicone body provides enough heating to ensure longevity and to save power. A sensor switch is available. If you grab the handle, the station will work in the working mode. When you put back the bracket, it would operate in standby mode.

Whether you are a novice or professional in the reworking tasks, it is necessary to get the best hot air rework stations to get the best results. Take a look at the things to consider for these tools:

The majority of the hot air rework stations accessible in the market come equipped with temperature control. This feature makes it convenient to adjust the temperature according to the needs. It is essential to look for a soldering tool that is equipped with temperature control adjustments.

A temperature precision of approx. 10 C is desirable. This allows you to vary the felt temperature by varying the distance of the gun from the target and varying airflow. Apart from temperature limits, it is important to make sure the adjustment of temperature is flawless. Some poor quality hot air rework stations may pose difficulty while adjusting the temperature. Make sure your chosen tool allows you to conveniently vary the temperature.

Before making a purchase, you need to know how long does it take for the tip of the rework station to heat up. The wise idea is to look for a tool that is equipped with a tip that heats up rapidly. The quick heat-up time makes sure you do not waste much time warming up. Also, it is advisable to look for a hot air rework station that comes with faster heat recovery ability.

It is important to select the appropriate tip for the job. To use a hot air rework station, attach the nozzles to the wand and then tighten with the help of a screwdriver to perfectly hold it in place. The included nozzles must be easy to swap out.

The tiny nozzles are beneficial for focusing air over a small chip. On the other hand, bigger nozzles are beneficial for drenching a big area like huge heat pad sinks. The facility of interchangeable nozzles is available in decent quality hot air rework stations.

Airflow determines how efficiently the pump or fan drives the air forward. Your chosen hot air rework station is useless if it cannot deliver the hot air forward over the chip or board you want to heat and move it into place. Bear in mind that majority of the all-in-one stations that combine hot air and soldering into a single device come with poor airflow. Even the space-saving designed rework stations come with inefficient airflow.

The cheap quality rework stations do not provide a facility to automatically adjust the airflow. With such tools, you have to manually guess a lower temperature whenever you want to adjust the airflow. Consequently, it leads to errors and decrement in speed. The benefit of high-quality hot air rework stations is accurate airflow and reliability.

One of the most significant aspects to keep in mind for hot air rework station is the protection. Before you proceed for the purchase, it is important to check whether the tool is safe to use or not. The overheating protection is the best feature to consider when it comes to safety. You must ensure that it has an ESD safe design for protection.

You may need to use a hot air rework station for a variety of uses both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, the build quality should be sturdy enough to ensure durability and stability. It is important to check the materials used. The hot air rework stations made up of metal, sturdy plastic, steel or heat-resistant materials are the best choices.

Different input and output readings of a hot air rework station are shown on its display. If the display shows inaccurate readings then you cannot effectively use the tool. Make sure the equipped display clearly shows the readings. The hot air rework stations discussed below come equipped with one of the following: LED Display, Dual Digital LED display, LED Digital Temperature Display or LCD.

The need may arise to carry your hot air rework station to different places indoors or outdoors. It is therefore recommended to buy a lightweight and portable tool. The hot air rework stations in the present discussion usually weigh from 3 pounds to 11 pounds. This weight range is acceptable in terms of portability and simplicity of use.

The hot air rework stations are devices are convenient tools that will make repairing tasks or working on electronics quite easier. If you take all the precautions then it is sure that you can safely accomplish the project, and with great efficiency. Apart from them, these tools are durably built, versatility, and come with user-friendliness.

How do you make a choice? Why do hot air stations range from $50 to $1800 and what makes them different? How do I pick the right one for me? I've bought the wrong equipment and I use these tools every day in a professional environment. I will walk you through EVERYTHING I wish I knew when I first pulled out my credit card to buy a station.

You can buy an Atten 858D for $58 or a JBC JTSE for $1500+. The cheap station doesn't do the job, the expensive station makes you too broke to pay the electric bill. Neither make sense for someone NEW to our business. A JBC has nice features, but do you really need a station that can save graphs of your activity?

Don't mistake my statement as an argument for a $50 piece of crap! People often message me saying they do not need something great because they are just starting out. This is bad thinking! When you are just starting out, you need equipment that is "known good." When you are new, you have no way to tell if bad results are due to your technique or your equipment. You will blame yourself for what is actually an equipment issue and never improve. Even worse is if your station is fit for a single layer PCB, has a bunch of good reviews, then you try it on a multilayer PCB and it fails. "It has such good reviews, it must be MY fault!!" is something I commonly hear. 041b061a72


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