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The Sims [Original; No Expansions; CD Rip; ISO; PC] Tool

Hello so my question is, I downloaded the sims 3 and expansions and I cracked it and exc. but it said I needed to put in a disc mind you I bought the sims 3 and all the expansions before but family split and I lost them so I didn't want to spend 100 dollars on new ones than I had to reset my computer. I have the generations disc but that's it. So I usually would use ISO and mount it to my computer and it said that the sims 3 wasn't a ISO file it was an ICO and I have no idea what that means at all. And I just want to know if I can change it to an ISO so I can mountain it or if you have any kind of mounting programs I could use odk I'm just frustrated and I don't want to waste my time on this anymore.

The Sims [Original; No Expansions; CD Rip; ISO; PC] Tool

why is my game broken? the UI use to be original and have no problems but ever since i did the latest download/update a few months ago to sims 4 with the updater its now green on some icons, some icons are different shapes, and sometimes it shows up in weird spots.


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