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Yemelyan Rodionov
Yemelyan Rodionov

"Law Order: Organized Crime" All That Glitter...

During the War in Ukraine, a teen girl's whole family is killed. She comes to New York where she is being trafficked. She runs in the street with blood on her face when Frank Cosgrove finds her and she gets hit by a car. While he is leading EMTs to her, the perp kills her and gets away before Cosgrove can react. Cosgrove teams up with Jalen Shaw to work on the case. They find out that the girl was living with her aunt and was missing for two months. They also find out from the ME that saltwater was on her hands. They learn there was a yacht party going on at a local pier. They go to the owner of the yacht who says he leases it out to people. They visit Olivia Benson who gives them access to the camera in the area. They find out that there was a person chasing the teen. When they go to visit the person, Mark Sirenko, Cosgrove threatens him. Cosgrove gets questioned by Elliot Stabler as OCCB has been investigating Sirenko for organized crime ties. When they find out that Stabler has a CI in Sirenko's employ, Stabler refuses for him to get involved but then changes his mind after Cosgrove said that wasn't the Stabler he heard about. Stabler's CI clones Sirenko's phone and almost gets killed in the process. Stabler has Benson try to find information on a woman they found on Sirenko's phone. SVU finds her location, Cosgrove and Stabler raid the house, then arrest the woman and find a 14-year old girl in a bedroom.

"Law Order: Organized Crime" All That Glitter...




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