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Entrance tickets can be purchased online at the website The official ticket offices of the Pompeii Archaeological Park are located only within the archaeological area, at the entrances Porta Marina, Piazza Anfiteatro and Piazza Esedra.

Ruin online gratuito


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Note: If you stay in Rome or Naples, it is almost impossible to reach Pompeii by 10 am. All the more reason for you to book your Pompeii tickets in advance so that you can enter the ruins the moment you arrive.

The Pompeii archeological site near Naples is one of the top sights to see in Italy. The excavations of Pompeii are a popular day-trip destination from Naples, Sorrento, and the Amalfi coast but may also be seen on long day trips from Rome or even Florence. Tickets are the cheapest when bought directly at Pompeii and although time-slot reservations are no longer possible, visitors with online tickets skip the queues. The Campania Arte Card is a fantastic savings deal valid at Pompeii, several other major cultural sites as well as on public transportation. Guided tours are also an easy way to ensure timely admission to the archaeological site.

It is possible to save on Pompeii admission by buying combination tickets with other sites but the number of options has been reduced recently. Pompeii and Herculaneum combination tickets are popular and available online but this is not an official ticket currently offered at either site. It still requires the bearer to exchange the voucher for a physical ticket via the fast lane at the two sites.

The forum served as the center for all political and cultural activities of Pompeii. The courthouses are in a cross-shaped design, something that was adopted throughout churches in Europe. Although most of the buildings are currently in ruins, the splendor of the Forum can be felt in this section.

Considered to be the oldest structure in the Pompeii ruins, the Temple of Apollo is a testimony to the incredible history of the city. The original statue of Apollo and the bust of Diana are no longer present at the site, but copies can be seen here.

This is a villa that represents the architecture of this time. The villas were designed to offer entertainment and luxury to the merchants who stayed there. The villa is present on the western side of the ruins.

This is the famous amphitheater of the Pompeii ruins, which were constructed in 70 BCE. This is also the first amphitheater built by the Romans out of stone predating the Colosseum by almost 100 years. The amphitheater could seat the entire population of Pompeii and hosted all the sporting events in the city.

Hello, I am board member of local non profit, Locust Grove Estate ( in Poughkeepsie, NY. It has hiking trails and gardens that include several miles of trails. We would like to have an online map that guests could link to while they are hiking. Google does not show our trails, Open Street Map does. Is there software for us to convert OSM to Google or a way to pick out sections of the huge amount of export OSM on our location? We would also like to add image links to the map to help our guests navigate the grounds as well.

Thanks, PK from TradesViz for being extremely helpful and patient in resolving my syncing issue. Certainly one of the best online support I have ever experienced. Even though it took a while for me to get my settings right, I never felt rushed...I appreciate that. Hope to stay with you guys for a long time. Certainly would like to learn how to utilize most of the features on TradeViz. 350c69d7ab


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