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Yemelyan Rodionov
Yemelyan Rodionov

Download Citrix Receiver For Mac Yosemite [BETTER]

Workaround: For StoreFront integration mode, there is an iRule that is created by the iApp that redirects the root page to the store's URI. The workaround is to add an additional redirect for the receiver_uri ending with receiver.html. The iRule below contains this workaround. It is also recommended to delete and recreate the existing store account. when HTTP_REQUEST if [regexp -nocase /citrix/(.+)/receiver\.html [HTTP::path] dummy store_name] log -noname accesscontrol.local1.debug "01490000:7: setting http path to /Citrix/$store_name/" HTTP::path "/Citrix/$store_name/"

Download Citrix Receiver For Mac Yosemite

Download File:


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