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Why you should download Garena Thailand and connect with millions of gamers online

In May, Garena continued its market dominance with several titles in the top 10 rankings for iOS & Google Play downloads and revenue. Hardcore games and mobile eSports titles top the revenue charts whilst casual games perform well in the download charts.

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In Thailand, the game had over 1.5 million downloads in May 2017 alone and saw revenue grow 35% over February. The competitive element has proved successful in the country and has even boosted the popularity of clone games.

Garena has grown its business through a combination of self-developed games and licensed titles. The biggest self-developed title in the mobile space is Breakout, which charted at fourth on the Google Play download chart and second on the iOS download chart.

Whilst the download charts are dominated by casual genre games, the top 10 grossing charts for iOS and Google Play are dominated by Korean and Chinese games that target hardcore gamers. These gamers prefer the graphics and art style of Korean and Chinese IP as well as the strategy and MMORPG gameplay genres.

This brings two major changes to how players play LoL and TFT in SEA. The first is that players no longer need to download the Garena client to play the game. Players will have to download Riot's multigame client moving forward. The multigame client is available here. The second big change is that players will be using Riot Games accounts now to play the game. Players who do not have a Riot Games account can make one here. For players who already have accounts, account migration starts on November 18, 2022.

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In this article, we will provide a number of detailed mobile games statistics and insights into the Thailand Android game market with focus on mobile games only. We will cover a number of topics, including: how many Thai game publishers exist on the GooglePlay Store, how many mobile games they have released, and how Thai mobile games have performed compared to the global average. The data is aggregated based on address, such that only major game publishers and ones with valid Thai addresses on the Android market have been considered. Furthermore, all download statistics are estimates.

Mobile Games by Thai publishers have an average of 984.75k downloads. Overall they get more downloads than the average of all mobile games which is 569.82k. We offer also more detailed download estimates for any app.

Jima Apps is on position 1 of the biggest Thai game publishers. Jima Apps is a subsidiary of Hazel Mobile, a leading Pakistan-based games and application development studio. They deliver innovative ideas and believe that execution is the key to success.Jima Apps is the developer behind such apps as Crazy Car Driving Simulator 2 - Impossible Tracks, Stunt Bike Racing Tricks 2 - Ramp Bike Impossible, City Coach Bus Simulator 2019, Modern Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw: Free Driving Games (Early Access), and more. They own 14 mobile games that have been downloaded together more than 446.97m+ times.

Habby is on position 4 of the biggest Thai game publishers. Habby is a mobile gaming app development company from China. They have brought together a team of experienced professionals from all over the world to form a new game publishing house.Habby has developed Archero, Penguin Isle, Slidey: Block Puzzle, and Flaming Core. They own 9 mobile games that have been downloaded together more than 133.06m+ times.

Kiragames Co., Ltd. is on position 5 of the biggest Thai game publishers. Kiragames Co., Ltd. is a Thai indie game development company. Founded in 2009, their passion is creating, developing, and publishing mobile games.Kiragames Co., Ltd. has developed and published Unblock Me FREE, Unblock Me Premium, Water Me Please! Water Game: Brain Teaser; and Link the Block : Connect Color Blocks with Line. They own 3 mobile games that have been downloaded together more than 99.35m+ times.

Battle royale is a game mode which pitches dozens to hundreds of players on a map with a Hunger Games style last-man standing survival gameplay. Players must eliminate other opponents while staying within the map\u2019s \u201Csafe zone\u201D which shrinks over time, with the winner being the last man or team left alive. The games are usually fast-paced, highly social and unpredictable, and easy to pick up and learn. The most dominant titles in the battle royale genre in terms of number of players are PlayerUnknown\u2019s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Fortnite and Free Fire. All three utilise similar gameplay mechanics, however Free Fire reigns supreme in the emerging markets (Southeast Asia, LATAM and India) while the others are traditionally more popular in developed markets. The reason for this is that Free Fire was first to market in these regions, and most importantly it was created as a mobile-only game, made to be easily played on low-end mobile phones. Given the dominance of mobile gaming in these regions, Free Fire became the obvious choice for people wanting to play a battle royale game. Fortnite and PUBG both started as PC/console games utilising Epic\u2019s Unreal engine, which is very popular with PC/console games and allows for more advanced graphics and gameplay than Free Fire. While both have mobile ports, they demand a large download (2 GB) and higher system requirements, requiring smartphones on the higher end of the performance spectrum which are more expensive, and a fast internet connection (not always available in emerging markets). In terms of gameplay, it is fair to say that both PUBG and Fortnite offer a wider scope, with more characters, more vehicles, more detailed maps, and ability to handle large player counts each game (up to 100 players). Fortnite also features a sandbox Creator mode which significantly extends its playability. In contrast, Free Fire is more of a lightweight battle royale experience with a much lower download size (launching at 200MB and now sitting at 600MB) and less advanced graphics, but that in turn makes it compatible with even low-end devices and not requiring a fast internet connection.

A lot of the belief that video games are one-hit wonders and have short life spans relates largely to traditional offline games. These games tended to be monetised just once upfront at purchase and completed within a set number of hours, resulting in the games generally fading in interest within a few months or a year unless they became franchises with a regular release cadence (Call of Duty, Assassins Creed etc). However, games are now increasingly moving online and many now only have multiplayer modes, which means they can accumulate large audiences and have content that is dynamic and constantly being updated. There is no need for game developers to write new storylines or build new levels just to extend the playability of a game. Games like Free Fire are born as massive online multiplayer games, the social nature of which means that every time you play it will be a new experience, bestowing the content with unlimited scalability and playability. It also exhibits strong network effects; people prefer to play games that they know everyone else is playing, which increases player stickiness. With Free Fire being the most downloaded mobile game in the world for two years running and hitting 150m peak daily active users in 2021, it\u2019s safe to say that its network effects are significant. The monetisation model has also shifted from upfront purchases associated with traditional offline games, to digital-born models such as \u201Cfreemium\u201D - free to download with optional in-game purchases. This means that games can build up a user base much more quickly who then can choose to pay for things like cosmetic upgrades, weapons or other attributes as they see fit, which makes the revenue more recurring rather than lumpy.

Free Fire along with Garena\u2019s other games adopt a \u2018freemium\u2019 model, with the games available for download for free, and then monetised via several in-game methods. I will focus on Free Fire given it accounts for majority of the revenue. It should be noted that none of these monetisation methods are \u2018pay-to-win\u2019 features, i.e. they do not improve a player\u2019s competitive positioning, which is a very controversial feature as it can make the game unfair and unbalanced for those who choose to spend money to get an advantage. All of these methods purely give you cosmetic upgrades.

Popular online games such as League of Legends, Heroes of New Earth, and Black Shot can be played under the platform. Recently, it expanded and includes DOTA and Age of Empire to their line up.Aside from gaming, this platform enables users to get in touch with gamer buddies from Southeast Asia. It allows players to receive private messages from friends who also download Garena and installed it on their PC.

Garena RoV is a cross-platform application that offers the best gaming experience on mobile devices and computers. It is recommended to have the latest operating system to fully enjoy the benefits of this great gaming tool. In addition, it can be downloaded on Android devices from version 4.3.3 and on iOS devices from version 7.0. Finally, for Windows, an operating system updated to version 7 or higher is recommended.

Additionally, RoV supports tablets and phones running iOS and Android operating systems. If you are a mobile gaming enthusiast, Garena RoV is a good alternative. You can download it from official app stores and have a try. Make sure you have the supported device before downloading RoV!

In fact, according to App Annie, Garena Free Fire has been the most downloaded game in the world for three years running, and last year was behind only PUBG Mobile, Roblox and Candy Crush Saga in terms of monthly active users. Garena tells us peak DAU reached a record high of 150 million in its latest quarter, according to its Q2 2021 earnings results.

Free Fire Max won the Best of 2021 Users' Choice Award on Google Play in seven territories -- the US, Brazil, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan -- showing that, while the battle royale may fly under the radar in the media, it's still popular among the public. Perhaps Garena can maintain its position as most downloaded mobile game for a fourth year running.


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