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A teenage girl is being filmed through a simple video camera. She is being told to dance by an older man. Two months later they are traveling together by car through a small town Sweden. She wants to go home but he insists that they should go on. After all, they have a few more friends to visit.

nasty teen

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Not just rock and roll lyrics, but Broadway, hip hop, teen pop, country-western, parodists and satirists (Tom Lehrer, Weird Al, Mad magazine's Frank Jacobs), children's ballads (Seuss & Co.), jingles (from Burma-Shave to I'd love to be an Oscar Meyer weiner), Hallmark cards . . .I'm not saying it's all good poetry.But of course you can hold fast to the distinction between verse and poetry and still take yourself seriously. Very seriously. Very, very seriously.And you can take yourself very, very seriously and disdain popular versifying and write terrific poetry yourself.The phrase "poetry's great tragedy" calls to mind the tragic poets -- Aeschylus, Sophocles, Shakespeare . . .

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