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The levels of lipophorin, the principal insect haemolymph lipoprotein, were estimated during the development of solitary and gregarious phases of Schistocerca gregaria using single radial immunodiffusion. In the gregarious phase, lipophorin titres ranged from 6.69 0.57 mg/ml in the 3rd nymphal instar to 14.42 2.04 mg/ml in mature adults. The titres in the solitary phase were 3.33 0.59 mg/ml in the 3rd nymphal instar and 8.44 + 0.67 mg/ml in mature adults. Peak lipophorin titres occurred in mature adults (14.42 2.04 mg/ml) and 5th nymphal instar (8.75 0.25 mg/ml) for gregarious and solitary locusts, respectively. Gregarious locusts had significantly (P

mature les

Mature aspen (genus Populus L..) and maple (genus Acer L.) forests appear to be high-quality breeding habitat for Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers (Sphyrapicus varius (L., 1766)). To explore some of the mechanisms that influence quality of the breeding habitat, we measured demographic and breeding resources in four forest stands each of 95-year-old quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx.) and 182-year-old sugar maple (Acer saccharum Marsh.) in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, from 2007 to 2009. Population density was higher, egg laying earlier, clutches larger, hatching success greater, and per capita and population fledgling production higher in maple stands compared with aspen stands. Longer nest-building and prelaying stages in aspen stands delayed egg laying by 5 days relative to maple stands. The delay in egg laying in aspen stands may have been caused by lower quality sap resources, which then resulted in lower productivity. Adults delivered smaller food loads to nests in aspen stands than in maple stands, which may have increased nestling mortality in aspen stands. Although per capita fledgling production was lower in aspen stands than in maple stands, Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers in both forests were able to replace themselves, suggesting that mature deciduous and mixed-deciduous forests, in general, are high-quality breeding habitat for this sapsucker. Les forêts matures de peupliers (le genre Populus L.) et d'érables (le genre Acer L.) semblent fournir un habitat de reproduction de haute qualité au pic maculé (Sphyrapicus varius (L., 1766)). Avec comme objectif d'explorer certains des mécanismes qui influencent la qualité de l'habitat de reproduction, nous avons mesuré les ressources démographiques et reproductives dans quatre peuplements forestiers de peupliers faux-trembles (Populus tremuloides Michx.) de 95 ans et d'érables à sucre (Acer saccharum Marsh.) de 182 ans dans le Parc provincial Algonquin, Ontario, de 2007 à 2009. La densité de population est plus élevée, la ponte plus hâtive, les couvées plus grandes, le succès de l'éclosion plus élevé et la production de petits à l'envol plus importante dans l'ensemble de la population et par individu dans les peuplements d'érables que dans ceux de peupliers. La durée plus longue des étapes de la construction du nid et d'avant la ponte dans les peuplements de peupliers retarde la ponte de 5 jours par rapport aux peuplements d'érables. Ce délai de la ponte dans les peuplements de peupliers peut être dû aux ressources de sève de moins bonne qualité, ce qui mène à une productivité réduite. Les adultes des peuplements de peupliers rapportent au nid des charges alimentaires plus petites que ceux des peuplements d'érables, ce qui peut augmenter la mortalité des petits au nid dans les peuplements de peupliers. Bien que la production de petits à l'envol par individu soit plus faible dans les peuplements de peupliers que dans ceux d'érables, les pics maculés des deux forêts sont capables d'assurer leur remplacement, ce qui laisse croire qu'en général les forêts matures décidues et mixtes-décidues représentent des habitats de reproduction de haute qualité pour ce pic.

This study evaluated the histological changes in muscle tissue after limb lengthening in skeletally mature and immature rabbits and assessed the most vulnerable level of striated muscle. Twenty-three male domestic white rabbits, divided into six groups, were operated on and different lengthening protocols were used in the mature and immature rabbits. The histopathological changes were analysed by a semi-quantitative method according to the scoring system of Lee et al. (Acta Orthop Scand 64(6):688-692, 1993). After the evaluation of the five main degenerative parameters (muscle atrophy, muscle nuclei internalisation, degeneration of the muscle fibre, perimysial and endomysial fibrosis, haematomas), it is evident that the adults lengthened at a rate of 1.6 mm/day showed more degenerative changes than those lengthened at 0.8 mm/day. The adult 1.6 mm/day lengthened group presented significantly higher damage in the muscle and lower regenerative signs compared with the young 1.6 mm/day lengthened group, according to the summarised degenerative scores.

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The study investigates the characteristics of mature women who enroll for continuing education. Their goals and motives and the obstacles they perceive are surveyed, as are their self-attitudes and the attitudes of others who potentially influence their decision to enroll for continuing education.

The questionnaire results reveal that mature women who enroll in university courses are seeking self-fulfillment and the realization ofpersonal needs in other than affiliative spheres. A subsequent positive shift in their self-perceptions is apparent, and the initial attitudes of"significant others" may likewise undergo transition: spouses of first year mature women prove supportive of the decision, but a different attitude is characteristic of the spouses of women who had re-enrolled for subsequent years.

The mature group is also compared to a younger group in order to determine whether the decision to enroll for higher education is influenced by situational components, and some affirmative evidence is reported.

The Governing Council today decided to renew the two supplementary longer-term refinancing operations (LTROs) that were allotted on 23 August 2007 (EUR 40 billion) and on 12 September 2007 (EUR 75 billion) and which will mature on 23 November 2007 and on 12 December 2007 respectively. 041b061a72


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