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Where To Buy Foreo Luna

The best way to prep skin, for a more effective skincare routine. LUNATM 4 enables active ingredients in your creams, serums, and masks to penetrate deep into skin, where they work best. 98% of users experience better absorption of skincare products.

where to buy foreo luna


Your skin wants to breathe. To glow. To be firm. The good news is: getting pro-level results is now easier than ever. You can do it anytime, anywhere. Effortlessly. So forget about spending at least an hour at a beauty salon. Check out these 4 products used for a 6-minute routine recommended by Vogue.

Jenna Igneri is a fashion and beauty creative. She was formerly the fashion and beauty editor at NYLON, where she covered everything from the latest launches and trends to the brands championing sustainability, inclusivity, and diversity.

Have used the clarisonic for years and it has done a great job but I always dread having to purchase another $25 replacement brush every 3 months! So finally tried to give the foreo a try with the great discount being offered! So happy I made the switch. Great tool that cleans my face just as well if not better than clarisonic brush and now no need to worry about replacement brushes. Also the anti aging element is such a nice feature. Love using it with my serums. This product is so worth the cost and love that it is compact and doesn't take up a bunch of space on my counter!

This is a great little tool and it holds a charge for a very long time. I bought this because I noticed that my clarisonic was prone to getting a little moldy which could be avoided by taking off the brush and drying after each use but that requires time. the foreo is a much lower maintenance product and gets my face very clean. The clarisonic foams cleansers a little more and there is one clarisonic brush head I still love to use but overall, the foreo is superior in my opinion. The face massager is also nice to help skin absorb serums after washing.

Another interesting difference is their level of noise. The original LUNA is quite a noisy little gadget and lets out a higher pitched noise on its highest speeds, whereas the LUNA 2 seems to absorb a lot of the residual noise from the pulsations, and sounds slightly more muted than the original. uses own and third party cookies for marketing, profiling and analytics purposes, and to ease your navigation on the site. Manage your cookie preferences within your browser. Find out more about cookies here. By browsing through you agree to accept cookies I AGREE

The more you know about your skin, the better you can care for it. LUNA fofo delivers real-time readings for customized routines that evolve with your skin. The device tracks and responds to internal and external factors that affect skin health, including changes in climate, diet and water intake, for an optimized complexion, no matter where life takes you!

From zero to glow at the touch of a button! LUNA fofo analyzes skin in seconds, before syncing a customized program of approximately one minute direct to your device. The routine changes with your skin to optimize its condition and health - no matter where life takes you! 041b061a72


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