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Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyer 'LINK'

This group of lawyers,paralegals, litigators, etc., are FANTASTIC! They stayed in touch, kept me connected, and put me at ease right away. Even during covid lockdown, everything was kept professional and personal! Not to mention my settlement amount! (6 digits, and all in as little as 1.5 years)!!! No need for 1800-GARY!! LOVE TSR

minnesota personal injury lawyer

Julia was a passenger on a golf cart. She was ejected from the golf cart when the driver took a sharp turn. The driver of cart was intoxicated and he admitted Julia was thrown out to the right when he turned to the left. He later changed his story. Rich Ruohonen and Nate Maus worked up this case over a few years and litigated this matter, settling shortly before trial. TSR hired numerous experts to prove her ejection was the fault of the driver and the owner of the golf cart. Julia hit her head on the cart path and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. She had subarachnoid hemorrhaging and subdural hematomas. She underwent a craniectomy where part of the skull is removed for a few weeks, to allow for the brain to swell, and later put back on to her head after the swelling subsides. Julia had seizures and has no memory of the first few months in the hospital and a rehabilitation center. She had medical bills of approximately $700,000, most of which were incurred in the first six months following the golf cart crash. Julia has significant ongoing symptoms including loss of cognitive and executive function, personality and behavioral changes, fatigue, loss of motivation, memory problems, dizziness, inability to learn new information, retrieve information, and numerous other issues. The case was settled for $2,750,000 during an all-day mediation.

Leslie and Rich thought this offer was ridiculously low and decided to try the case to a jury. The jury awarded $448,000. This jury verdict was believed to be one of the biggest personal injury verdicts in Des Moines in several years.

Our personal injury lawyers regularly represent clients suffering from serious and catastrophic injuries caused by someone else's negligence. We have an extensive background negotiating with insurance companies and trying personal injury and wrongful death claims in front of juries and judges in Minnesota.

Our personal injury attorneys also have significant experience successfully representing accident victims in no-fault arbitrations and pursuing damages for injuries caused by uninsured drivers and drivers without enough insurance. Whether your accident claim is resolved through negotiation, arbitration or trial, our goal is to secure as much financial compensation as possible to help you recover from your losses.

If you are suffering from a personal injury or need skilled defense against a criminal charge, contact us by e-mail or call 800.770.7008 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer. Our phone line is answered 24-hours a day, seven-days a week.

Hall Law, P.A. brings top-level legal talent to the practice of personal injury law. With a team of trial lawyers counted among the very best in Minneapolis and throughout the state of Minnesota, we make it our mission to help people just like you; our neighbors and friends.

Our personal injury attorneys have represented those injured in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota for more than 40 years. Our firm focuses solely on injury law, allowing our lawyers to have a deep understanding of the legal issues, medicine, and procedures involved in every case we take.

At Hall Law, P.A., our attorneys have a long-standing reputation for excellence in the practice of personal injury law. That reputation is built on a solid foundation of professionalism and reliability, coupled with a remarkable track-record of success in personal injury cases.

The goal of a personal injury lawsuit is to obtain full and fair compensation for individuals who have been harmed by the wrongdoing of another. This means compensation for basic harms like medical expenses and lost wages, and also compensation for exceptional harms that can be more profound, such as chronic pain, the lack of mobility, or even the loss of a loved one.

Experience shows that 90-95% of all personal injury cases are resolved via a negotiated settlement without a trial. Accordingly, if you have a personal injury case, it is statistically unlikely that you will end up in trial.

Search online for law firms that specialize in personal injury law and view their websites. Check for things like whether they handle injuries like yours, who is on their legal team, how long they have been in business, and what credentials they have.

"To my most gracious humble lawyer. I am so truthfully honored that you were in my corner and had so much faith in my husband and me and in the injury I needed your help with. I know we won in many more ways than one and by that I mean the loyalty and hard work you put forth to get this all together and along with that is the trust and that means the world to me. So thanks again for being the top notch lawyer that you are and thanks to all your hard-working staff that helped you say are great people to. I am so very proud of you thanks for winning the case for me. Mike you will be my angel forever."

If you have been injured in an accident or incident as a result of the actions of another person or entity, you may have a valid case. However, it may not always be clear to the untrained eye. Therefore, anyone who has suffered an injury or has been involved in a preventable accident should speak with a personal injury attorney.

An experienced attorney can examine the facts, listen to your story, and help make a determination on whether or not you have a case. This includes identifying potentially liable parties, determining if there is insurance coverage available, and working to collect evidence and document your injuries. Swift action is often important in personal injury cases, as the other side may begin building a case against the injured immediately. Insurance companies may attempt to use your words against you to devalue or outright deny a valid claim. The sooner you have legal representation on your side, the sooner your rights can be protected.

Minnesota law imposes strict deadlines on when a claim must be initiated. Which deadlines apply depend on the specific facts of the case. Deadlines can range from 240 days on the shorter end to six years or more on the longer end. Importantly, claims that are not initiated in a timely manner can be permanently barred. Accordingly, the conventional advice in personal injury law is that a person with a claim, or a potential claim, should speak to a lawyer immediately in order to make sure no deadlines have expired.

If you or a loved one have been injured, you are not alone. You may be dealing with significant pain, significant medical expenses, lost wages, and long-term impacts of the injury. At Hall Law, P.A., our Minneapolis personal injury attorneys are here to ease your burden, fight for full and fair compensation, and allow you to move forward. Call today for a free and confidential case evaluation.

Meshbesher & Spence is a nationally-recognized personal injury law firm that handles all types of accident claims. Our personal injury lawyers represent clients in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, mass tort, medical malpractice, workers' compensation, and PERA disability cases on a local and national level.Maximizing your recovery is paramount to everything we do. When hiring the Minnesota personal injury lawyers at Meshbesher & Spence, you benefit from our proven track record.

Please contact us and let us help you understand what benefits may be available to you as a result of your injury or loss. You will speak with an attorney (not a junior associate or intake person) who will personally handle your case and answer any questions you may have. We can meet with you in our office, the hospital, at your home or by Zoom. We are a paperless office and can do all paperwork remotely.

The attorneys of Sand Law can offer you expert legal advice on how to proceed with your pursuit of compensation and get the best settlement possible. Just take a look at our long history of cases that have successfully attained settlements for our satisfied clients. Remember that taking on a personal injury claim on your own comes with a high risk of making mistakes that can not only decrease the value of any settlement you may be entitled to but also may result in a claim being denied by the insurance company outright. You owe it to yourself to do your due diligence and give your case the best chance possible at securing the compensation that you need.

At Sieben Edmunds Miller, we understand that when you suffer a personal injury the stakes are high. Not only are you suffering an injury that produces pain, but your enjoyment of life is diminished. You simply cannot interact with your family, children, friends, and enjoy life as you once did.

Sieben Edmunds Miller PLLC serves the cities of Burnsville, Bloomington, Minneapolis, Woodbury, Eagan, Mendota Heights, St. Paul, Hastings, Lakeville, Rosemount, Hudson, Apple Valley, Rosemount, and River Falls in criminal defense and personal injury matters. We are also easily accessible to surrounding cities in Dakota County and throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Before your lawyer represents you in a personal injury case, you will both enter into a written agreement. Among other items, the agreement will include charges that you can expect for services rendered.

The attorney may charge you a fixed amount for a particular type of personal injury case. An attorney who takes on the same type of case multiple times may assign a fixed fee to your case if it is similar.

If you or a loved one were recently injured in an accident, you may want to explore your legal options and file a case against the at-fault party. JD Haas & Associates, PLLC offers legal assistance for victims of personal injury accidents in Minnesota. 041b061a72


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