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Where to Find and Download Encarta Kids 2009 for Free Legally and Safely

Some people will like this product because it has a very simple interface with only few clicks and thus the productivity is very good. There is no need to leave it and come back to it because it is very much an easy to use software. The people will get a very attractive interface by downloading this software, and thus the modern people would like this software. Although you cannot get the free product, you can also get this product through the website and then the premium version of the software will be available with a time limit and subscription.

microsoft encarta kids 2009 free download full version.rar

Thousands of high-quality subjects are covered by Encarta. Covering a broad spectrum of topics from all over the world, Encarta includes over 250 specific topics, and covers over 2000 general topics. The topics are arranged into many different sub-categories, such as Governments, Environment, Business and Technology, Recreation, Information and Library. There are also geographical guides, such as Europe, Asia, the United States, and Canada. The sub-categories are further divided into even smaller topics, such as Top Sights, Media, Sports, and Music, to name but a few. There are guides to major holidays, and information on the individual stars in the sky, and much more. The majority of topics are arranged by time, so that the user could search for topics of particular interest. There are more than 20,000 websites listed in Encarta. The Encarta disc came in the following formats; Windows CE, Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows 2000. The web version of Encarta was available in five different languages, English, Spanish, German, French and Dutch. Additionally, software was released for major computer operating systems, including Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows CE, and Microsoft Windows.


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