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RemoteDebug For ESP Platforms

ant will not change it. In the test task we have a condition - if theremoteDebug property is true, then use the remote debug arguments. Etvoilà! To run a regular build do ant test and to let it wait for a remotedebugger do ant test -DremoteDebug=true.

RemoteDebug For ESP Platforms

This document describes how to build the required images for .NET nanoFramework firmware for ESP32 targets.The build system is based on CMake tool to ease the development in all major platforms.

Pintools on Linux also need to take care when calling standard C or C++ library routines from analysis or replacement functions because the C and C++ libraries linked into Pintools are not thread-safe. Some simple C / C++ routines are safe to call without locking, because their implementations are inherently thread-safe, however, Pin does not attempt to provide a list of safe routines. If you are in doubt, you should add locking around calls to library functions. In particular, the "errno" value is not multi-thread safe, so tools that use this should provide their own locking. Note that these restrictions only exist on the Unix platforms, as the library routines on Windows are thread safe.

Pintools are built using make on all target platforms. This section describes the basic flags available in Pin's makefile infrastructure. This is not a makefile tutorial. For general information about makefiles, refer to the makefile manual available at


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