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COMPARATIVE F?9??19 Volume 40 No. 4 Winter 2006-07 Introduction: Popular Entertainment and American Theater Prior to 1900 Nicolas S. WiTSCHI Although Col. George A. Custer's defeat at the Little Big Horn on 25 June 1876 was anythingbut a theatrical event,it certainlybecame one very soon after. By the middle ofAugust, theatergoers in New York City were flocking to Wood's Theatre for Harry Seymour's blood-andthunder re-enactment SittingBull;or, Custer'sLast Charge.1 Meanwhile, out on the Plains a scout and part-time actor and playwright named William F."Buffalo Bill" Cody accidentally found himself on 17 July face to face with a Cheyenne warrior namedYellow Hair. The two exchanged a single, simultaneous blast of gunfire, which only Cody survived. Takinghis opponent's scalp in hand,Codyalmost immediatelybegan to weave the brief skirmish into a larger and more complex battle of deliberately taken revenge for Custer, with Cody as the hero. Moreover, according to most reports, Codyfought while decked out in"a stage costume ofblack velvet slashed with scarlet and trimmed with silver buttons."2 Although he was at this particular moment in the employ ofthe U.S. Fifth Cavalry, 406Comparative Drama Codyhadbythis time become something ofa celebrityon the East Coast for his highly stylized (some might say cliché-riddled) touring stage reenactments of his own exploits. Thus, his wearing of a stage costume both arises from his ongoing interest in performing a frontier persona and inflects the event with a theatrical note. And in the autumn of 1876, Codyfurther embellished the importance ofthe skirmish, and hence his reputation,bystarring in NewYork in a playhe had commissioned about his killing ofYellow Hair called The RedRightHand, or The FirstScalp for Custer. The printed programs for this show reportedly included"poetryand news releases about [the Little Big Horn battle],"bywhich"Cody and his managers traded on the audience's belief that they were transmitting news from the front, representing events actually unfolding on the plains even as spectators sat watching them in Boston, NewYork, or Omaha."3 The transmutation ofcurrent events into theater represents but one ingredient in the United States'long history of imbuing popular modes of entertainment with matters of cultural or national consideration. As a further example of this phenomenon, consider Royall Tyler's The Contrast (1787),where the character Jonathan goes out in search ofa circuslike place he had heard ofwhere"a hocuspocus man . .. could eat a case knife" only to find himself in a proper playhouse watching Sheridan's School for Scandal. The joke is that when "they lifted up a great green cloth," Jonathan naively believed he and the rest of the audience were merely looking "right into the next neighbor's house."4 The Contrast is generally credited as "the first comedy written by an American to be produced professionally" and the character of Jonathan as the first instance ofthe now-familiarYankee rube character type.5 Jonathan's misapprehension of the nature of the space in which he finds himself one evening once again points to a relationship between popular theatrical entertainment and the crafting of the very frameworks within which knowledge ofthe world couldbe organized orproduced.Which is to say, Jonathan's search for a performer of tricks leads him and, by extension, those who have come to the theater to watch an actor perform this role to a lesson in theatrical verisimilitude. In 1993 GaryA. Richardson observed that"Whether out ofreligious, aesthetic, or ideological bias,the nation's cultural arbiters have tradition- Nicolas S. Witschi407 ally been, at best, ambivalent about America's drama and its functions. This is especially true ofdrama before O'Neill, about which the prevailing opinion seems to be that the less said the better."6 Fortunately, this assessment is far less true than it may have been a decade ago, for much admirable scholarship has in recent years given serious consideration to American theater prior to the advent of literary Modernism.7 Nevertheless , compelling and important questions still remain, among them questions about the extent to which developments in American popular entertainment prior to 1900 contributed contemporaneously to the culture's questions about such matters as high- and lowbrow art, popularityversus artistic...

Blast Button Joke Program Downlo

I encourage you to download and try out various health tracker apps and wearable devices that can help you accessibly keep track of your steps, workout intensity, and number of fitness sessions. For general information about fitness for people with vision loss, please read the 2011 AccessWorld article, Fitness FAQs from the Desk of AFB's Information and Referral Specialist. While this article may be a blast from the past, it contains many relevant and useful ideas for keeping active and adapting exercise and sporting activities for people who have low or no vision.

Next is a Continue button. Under the button is the option to save the workout to your list. By default, your Favorites and To Do lists have already been created. If you want to add the workout to either of those lists, double tap the list button and a new screen will appear. Double tap the name of the list and the workout will be added. You can also create a new list. At the top of the screen is a New List button. If selected, you will be prompted to name your list. Once you have finished naming your list, activate the Create New List button. You can access all your lists through the menu at the top left of the main screen. If you have chosen to download a workout, it can be located there as well. Under the List button is a Share button.

With Code Jumper students connect small pods, building strands of code. It takes block coding off the screen and puts it on the table in front of them. They can change sounds to create stories, songs, and jokes. The pods functions are indicated by a unique color and differently shaped knobs so that students can easily identify each pod by sight or touch. Students not only learn basic programming concepts, such as sequencing, iteration, selection, and variables, but also learn skills like computational thinking and debugging, which can serve them in all areas of life.

I say all this, while I have been largely unaware and blissfully enjoying a return to Fall Guys. The shows introduced in some seasons between when I stopped playing and now are a blast, and the move to free-to-play has made it easy to convince friends to download and try it out. Mediatonic posted that it hit a 20-million player milestone within the first 48 hours of its first free season.

Logitech took a risk when it launched the Harmony Express, a new take on age-old problems surrounding universal remotes. Instead of plastering the device with every button you could possibly need, the Express' primary input is its microphone, powered by Amazon Alexa. While our own Ryne Hager loved this approach in his review last year, the unique strategy apparently didn't catch on as much as the company had hoped: Logitech is discontinuing the remote on September 30, 2020, when the Express and its companion apps will stop working.Logitech says that the Express "aimed to replace the complexity of the touch screens and programmable buttons found on other Harmony remotes with a simple voice interface," but the product didn't meet the company's expectations. That's why it decided to scrap the project altogether and focus on improving its regular universal remote lineup instead.Before anyone picks up pitchforks, the company offers a full refund or a free Harmony Elite to anyone who purchased the Express. While the replacement lacks a dedicated Alexa button, its hub works with other Alexa-equipped devices, so you won't lose voice control, even if you'll have to adjust to another workflow. To claim your refund or the Elite, head to Logitech's support website.While I'm not happy that a ton of Express units are needlessly going to landfill, I still have to applaud Logitech here: The company acknowledged that it's not happy with its product, communicated the discontinuation well ahead of time, and gives its customers more than generous offers. If only other businesses were this well run.Source: Logitech (1), (2)

What's better than a universal remote? How about a universal remote with a touch screen that also controls your smart home stuff? Logitech's super-versatile Harmony Elite remote is now down to $230 at multiple stores, a $40 discount from the usual price.This remote includes Alexa for voice control, a full-color touchscreen with shortcuts for devices and TV channels, and physical buttons for common actions. The included Harmony Hub handles the actual smart home management, and can also function as an IR blaster, in case you want to control media devices out of the remote's line-of-sight.


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