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Killer Joke Torrent

Vlad later makes an announcement to the public, blaming the entire mess on Danny Phantom, something Danny is peeved of. Tucker then makes a joke which neither Sam nor Danny finds hilarious. They walk off, leaving Tucker to put on his mood helmet, showcasing his fantasy of his friends laughing at his joke.

Killer Joke Torrent

WHEN GEORGE W. BUSH WAS IN THE OVAL OFFICE, MINISTRY WAS THERE TO PROVIDE SCATHING COMMENTARY ON THREE SOLID ALBUMS, SO IT MAKES SENSE THAT YOU'VE RESURFACED TO BE THE VOICE OF RESISTANCE.Yeah, I get the joke. Everyone says, "OK, we have a Republican president. It must be time for Ministry to do an album." Well, I'm happy to oblige.

The Mayan calendar is said to run out of future on Dec.?21, 2012. Yet, it offers no hints or premonitions about mass extinctions; winds, torrents and drought to the extreme; global warming; rampant pollution; invasive species; ocean, soil, freshwater and forest depletion; blue-green algae; or Asian carps.

Killer storm Ivan slammed the city yesterday, hammering Manhattan and parts of the other boroughs with a hard, fast torrent of 2 inches of rain in less than two hours, crippling subways and highways, spewing sewer trash into the streets and stranding commuters.

The torrent that inundated the galley Dec. 1 destroyed the top oven, subjecting the crew to cold cuts for a week while a $50,000 replacement was flown to Honolulu, the ship's next port. Machinery that desalinates water also broke.

Two Navy divers suited up. Laden with ropes, rubber mats and heavy plastic wrap, they were about to descend 30 feet to Polar Star's idled propellers when a watch officer noticed a different threat: a pod of killer whales.

Jopling and an assistant crawled back into the compartment, staving off the cold with jokes about working without pay. Crouching in water up to their necks, they used a wrench adapted in the ship's welding shop to remove and replace the fitting.

Sad, but true. Even in straightened circumstances, the average British hotelier still treats customers as if they are an inconvenience. Last week I booked a mini-break in a remote part of Scotland, miles from the nearest town. I was informed that "denim is not acceptable in the dining room". When I pointed out that designer jeans cost more than a hotel room, the receptionist announced, "Well, you won't be policed." I think it was a joke, but I can't be sure. Last summer I rented a house in France where I could lie around wearing what I liked, conforming to no dress code except my own. And, no matter how pitifully the pound is performing, that is what I shall be doing next August.

Curious what people here think of the Kickass Torrents bust ( -piracy-case/). This site seemed particularly decent to me: tasteful advertising, friendly community (not that I knowingly used it for anything illegal, obviously), which would make it all the more unfortunate if the owner were charged. Are there people here who know about the case? Is there something that could be done to help financially with the defense? Also curious what people think about torrent culture more generally.

If you are looking for a game with good (although very simplified) conversation try Deus Ex Human Revolution. Half of this is the fact that the dialogue is exceptionally well written. The game basically divides personalities into Alpha, Beta and Omega (Yes, I am aware of the jokes) which can be guaged either manually or through a specific cybernetic augmentation with each of these traits.


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