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[S1E7] French Connection

The episode comes to a close with Jean-Pierre escorting Molly out and talking about having a conference call next week. Molly is riding in the car, upset until Jean-Pierre pulls up on his horse, and she makes the driver stop the vehicle. He confronts her and says they could do great business together but felt a connection with her and wanted to find out if she felt it too (DUH!). As she is blabbering, Jean-Pierre comes in for a kiss!!! (RIP Arthur/Molly)

[S1E7] French Connection


At Sing Sing, Crewes isn't surprised to see Gregson. He denies any connection to the latest murders, practices anger management when Gregson asks who his accomplice is and quotes Tolstoy. He also claims he's innocent of the 1999 murders, that Gregson planted evidence to further his career and his attorney wouldn't pursue his alibi, that he was with Carla Figuero, a woman he was having an affair with. He convinced he'll be exonerated. At Hemdale, Watson asks Edison if Holmes ever mentioned a woman named Irene. Edison says no but gives her some letters Holmes left behind. Holmes and Gregson drive to Carla Figuero's home to question her but meet her son, Sean, who says she died years before. Holmes asks Gregson why he's so resistant to the possibility Crewes is innocent. Gregson tells Holmes to watch the interrogation tapes in which Crewes gloats.

Gregson is confused since Holmes has been indicating for days that Crewes may be innocent. Holmes says he's been trying to establish a connection to Crewes which the framing of Nardin shows but since he doesn't know who the accomplice is, there'll be no case against Crewes and he'll go free. At the Brownstone, Holmes and Watson pour over Crewes' prison records, while the latest news coverage speculates Crewes maybe innocent. They can find no family, visitors or prisoners who may be the accomplice. As Crewes is interviewed, Holmes notices he quotes from Tolstoy. Since Crewes was illiterate when he entered prison, they try to find out how he learned to read at an advanced level. Holmes finds he worked in the prison library which was saved from shutdown by literacy charity. Seeing the charity's website, Holmes recognizes Sean Figueroa in a picture. 041b061a72


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