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What To Buy For Bed Bugs !EXCLUSIVE!

Unfortunately, electronics and appliances provide a perfect hiding spot for bed bugs. Check them closely with a flashlight and magnifying glass as well. Remove them when possible. Placing smaller ones in a bag with Nuvan Strips is an effective way to save the device.

what to buy for bed bugs

Bed bug fecal and blood spots (look like rust) are left on sheets and pillowcases when the engorged bed bugs are crushed. These indicators serve as sure signs of infestation. Bed bugs prefer to hide in cracks and crevices during the daytime and come out to feed on the host's blood at night, usually, while the host is sleeping. Since bed bugs can flatten their bodies, they fit in tiny crevices, especially around the bed area. They are found in habitual hiding places, preferably close to a blood meal. Even though their preference is to be close together, they can travel several feet for a blood meal. Initial infestations tend to be around beds, but the bugs eventually become scattered throughout a room, occupying any crevice or protected location. They can also spread to adjacent rooms or apartments.

Once you have identified areas of activity or potential activity, it's time to begin the treatment. You'll notice that we recommend treating the room's perimeter first and working inward to the bed. Since bed bugs are more often found on or immediately around the bed, this reduces the likelihood that bed bugs disturbed by the treatment will move or be scattered into untreated areas.

Reduce Clutter:Remove all personal items (stuffed animals, soft toys, blankets, electronics, etc) and anything that does not stay in the room permanently. Caution: Be mindful that items from the infested area can transfer bed bugs to other areas. It is best to bag them in plastic with Nuvan Strips.

Dismantle Bed Frames:Dismantling bed frames in infested areas typically expose bed bug hiding sites. Having access to these areas during cleaning is important. Stand up the box spring and shine a flashlight through the gauze fabric and look for bed bugs. If the fabric is torn (possible hiding place), remove fabric to prepare for spraying. If the mattress and or box springs are infested, you may want to consider Encasements by Mattress Safe. Once covered with these encasements, bed bugs can not enter or exit. There is no need to treat the mattress or box spring when using these encasements. Keep them on for a year.

Remove Dresser Drawers:Remove drawers from desks and dressers since bed bugs like to hide in these areas. Turn furniture over to inspect and clean all hiding spots. All furniture should be pulled away from the walls.

Clean the Area:Scrub infested surfaces with a stiff brush to dislodge bed bug eggs. Vacuum the room extensively. Use a vacuum hose attachment to thoroughly vacuum cracks and crevices on furniture and along baseboards on the walls. Vacuum along baseboards, furniture, bed stands, rails, headboards, footboards, bed seams, tufts, buttons, edges of the bedding, as well as the edges of the carpets (particularly along the tack strips). A good vacuum cleaning job may remove particles from cracks and crevices to encourage greater insecticide penetration. Bed bugs cling tightly to surfaces, so it is best to vacuum by scraping the end of the vacuum attachment over the infested areas to pull out the bed bugs. Caution: It is not good to use a bristle attachment, because you may transfer bed bugs to other areas since they cling to the brush. Dispose of vacuum cleaner bags after you are finished in an outdoor trashcan.

This question is answered by the condition of the mattress and the size of the infestation. If there are holes or tears in the gauze fabric or fabric of the mattress, bed bugs and bed bug eggs may be inside. The bed bugs may be outside as well. There are restrictions on how beds can be treated with insecticides. We carry both Mattress Safe Bed Bug Encasements and ActiveGuard Mattress Liners.

1. Bed Bug Bed Encasements: The brands, Mattress Safe and JT Eaton have high-quality mattress and box spring encasements. Place them over your mattress or box spring, so you don't have to throw them away. They are bedbug certified to keep bed bugs out of the mattress or box springs. If using a labeled insecticide on the mattress or box spring first, apply on the mattress or box springs then zip it up. It has a patented hook to keep the bed bugs inside the encasement so they cannot escape. Keep the encasement in place for one year (due to bed bug life cycles).

2. Active Guard Liners: Active Guard Mattress Liners may be placed on beds and effective as preventative and active bed bug treatments. They kill bed bugs and dust mites within 72 hours and will prevent bed bugs from infesting mattresses. ActiveGuard Liners act like a fitted sheet; it comes in single, full, queen, and king sizes that fit up to 17" in depth.

Look carefully at the mattress's folds and seams, the headboard, footboard (if present), box spring/support platform, frame, etc. for bedbugs and treat these areas after vacuuming. Dusts last longer than aerosols, but the crack and crevice tips on the aerosols enable you to get into the smallest cracks. It is a good idea to use a combination of bed bug spray and dust. Temprid SC may be used on the tufts and seams of mattresses. It works well as a residual insecticide sprayed in other recommended treatment areas such as nightstands, chests, dressers, couches, and chairs.

  • There are several products on the market that work well for bed bugs: Apply residual liquid, aerosol, or residual dust insecticides such as Spectre 2 SC, CrossFire Bed Bug Insecticide Concentrate, Temprid FX,Doxem NXT, D-Fense NXT, Cimexa Dust, Crossfire Aerosol,and Bedlam Plus Aerosol. It is best to use a combination of these products for application purposes.

  • You can get these at discounted rates in be a form of kits: Bed Bug Kits

  • The kits have the residual insecticide with the dust and aerosols

  • Spraying Procedures Spray liquid insecticides or aerosols:

  • Spray around and under the bed and along the baseboards near the bed.

  • After removing the drawers from the furniture, the inside of the cabinetry should be sprayed and the bottom and sides of the drawers.

  • Do not treat the inside of the drawers. If needed, the clothes in the drawers should be removed and laundered.

  • Spray around the inside of closets, door frames, and doors.

  • Spray molding at the top and bottom of the room.

  • Spray around windows.

  • Spray seams of drawers, both top, and bottom.

  • Spray dressers from below. Spray where dressers touch the floor.

  • Spray where the bed touches the floor, spray chairs, and underneath chairs.

  • Spray all baseboards, loose plaster, behind bed frames and headboards, beneath beds and furniture, and bedsprings and bed frames.

  • Do not apply to furniture surfaces or mattresses where people will be laying or sitting unless using a product labeled for that type of treatment.

  • Infested bedding should not be treated, but should be removed, placed in sealed plastic bags, and taken for laundering and drying at high temperature.

Recommended Liquid Insecticides Spectre 2 SC has a low odor and is not detectable by the bed bugs. Adjust the bed bug spray pattern to a mist by turning the nozzle. A fine low mist is best for most spraying, but you may need to use a stream to get into some cracks and crevices. If you can't get into the cracks and crevices, use one of the aerosols described below with it's crack and crevice tips to reach into these areas.

Aerosols (Doxem NXT, D-Fense NXT, Crossfire Aerosol, or Bedlam Plus) Usage: Use the plastic tip to the aerosol can. Apply as a crack and crevice or spot treatment where evidence of bed bugs occurs. This includes bed frames, box springs, inside empty dressers, clothes closets, curtain rods, hollow spaces, carpet edges, high and low wall moldings, and wallpaper edges.

This ready-to-use botanical insecticide does not need to mix with water. Spray on areas where bed bugs are hiding. These areas include box springs, mattress seams, dressers, closets, nightstands, carpet and rug edges, molding, and any place bed bugs would be hiding. Repeat in 2-4 weeks.

Cirkil CX is a concentrate with 22% Cold Pressed Neem Oil. Use one qt of Circkik CX to 3 Qts of water in a one-gallon sprayer, making one gallon of the finished product. Treat cracks and crevices where the bed bugs are hiding and repeat in 2-4 weeks.

Fill the containment bags with household items that may be damaged by water-based, dust-based, or aerosol-based pesticides. Place such things as lamps, heaters, electronics loosely in the bag and place two treatment pads on the top of the items. This treatment kit will kill bed bugs within 24 hours.

Bed Bug Monitor Traps: The Bed Bug Monitor Traps recreate the conditions that bedbugs consider perfect, including dark, tight tunneling areas and rough woodsy material. Bed bugs would usually be found: inside the small grooves of corrugated boxes, between mattress creases, and around/under wooden furniture.

SenSci Volcano Monitors and Lures: These bed bug monitors/detectors may be used with the lures or with the Sensci lure to capture bed bugs. As an identification tool, you can monitor your bed bug treatment plan or monitor bed bug presence. Use the optional lure if a person is not present in the bedroom that is being monitored.

Although the preferred host for bed bugs is humans, they will feed on other animals, such as poultry, mice, rats, canaries, dogs, and cats, if necessary. They usually feed at night but may feed in the daylight in rooms that are not used at night.

The life cycle stages of a bed bug are egg, nymph, and adult. They are called bed bugs because they readily infest mattresses, bed frames, and box springs. Bed bug eggs are laid along the edges of or around buttons on the mattresses. Eggs can also be glued to rough surfaces. Bed bug females lay about 200 eggs, usually at the rate of three or four a day. Eggs are placed in cracks, crevices, and other isolated and protected shelters. 041b061a72


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