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Adobe Flash Player For Mac Powerbook G4 Download

I have here a powerbook G4 macbook that works wonders, but some applications need upgrading and I am new to the mac world as I bought this mac second hand, so if anyone knows how to download the app store used to update and download other applications, can you please let me know where and how to download the app store off of the apple website thank you ?

Adobe Flash Player For Mac Powerbook G4 Download

Download Zip:

ah bummer ? well is there anyway at all to know how to manually update any of my apps? like my flashplayer and skype? each time I get a promtp and I click download for the update it just redirects me over to the site to get the original program itself and not the update any inquiries as to what I may need to do? ?

Look for the fp10.1.102.64_and_9.0.289.0archive folder, open it, look for the Flash Player folder & open and look for 101r10264 folder & open it, double click on the flashplayer101r102_64_ubmac.dmg file, choose the Install Adobe Flash Player file to install... they don't make it easy! ?


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