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Buy Fuel Transfer Pump

The GPI and GPRO brands deliver the most reliable and efficient fuel transfer pumps and meters in the industry. Delivering long-lasting, low maintenance, professional grade fuel transfer pumps and meters to fit your fueling needs. GPI Fuel transfer pumps offer a variety of flow rates from 8 to 20 GPM for mobile installations, and GPRO pumps offer high flow rates of 20 to 35 GPM primarily installed on stationary tanks. All our pumps are tested at the factory and backed by industry -leading warranty so you can have confidence that when you buy GPI/GPRO fuel transfer pumps, your operation will run smoothly for years to come.

buy fuel transfer pump

Outstanding unit. Installed this on my truck to transfer fuel into my main tank, worked beautifully, is very fast and compact. I would definitely recommend this unit to anyone looking for this type of pump.

The mission of Empire Lube Equipment is to supply repair shops across America with quality lubrication equipment and service, one pump at a time, while providing paramount customer support. We go the extra stroke and provide unmatched company values. Whether you fix airplanes, vehicles or bicycles, together we will keep America moving.

We are proud to offer a great selection of 12V diesel transfer pumps. Due to popular demand, we provide the stand alone 12 volt fuel pump or the pump kit with nozzle and hose in DC power. These pumps boast the vane style technology and are very simple to operate. A 12 volt diesel pump is perfect for on the go fueling at job sites where diesel powered equipment is being used.

These fuel transfer pumps are self-priming and designed to dispense gasoline, kerosene, and diesel fuel. They feature rust-resistant aluminum construction, with an easy-access strainer and low-amp draw motor for long life. 12V pumps have a rotary gear design with carbon-graphite vanes to help minimize friction.

Cartridge/canister or in-tank mounted pumps, transferring fuel between tanks. Reverse flow through the pump is prevented by check valves. The cartridge/canister design allows removal of the pump cartridge without draining the fuel tank.

12 Volt fuel transfer pump with increased flow rate to reduce the time required for fuel transfer. Overload protection motor for long life. Comes with 12 Ft. of 1 In. grounded hose and a manual nozzle, adjustable (up to 40 In.) suction pipe, 18 Ft. x 12/2 AWG power cord, and convenient spin collar for easy installation. Pump can be used with diesel fuel (up to 20% biodiesel blends such as B20), gasoline (up to 15% alcohol blends such as E15), and kerosene. 18 Ft. power cord. UL listed, CSA certified.

The Dual 7.5 Gallon Professional Utility System was designed for a variety of fluid and fuel transfer applications including but not limited to the Marine, ATV, Automotive, and Agricultural industries.

The dual handle 7.5 Gallon Professional Utility Container is rotationally molded with a plastic composite material that is compatible with all types of fluids from water to fuels and most chemicals for long lasting portability.

The dual handle 10.5 Gallon Container is rotationally molded with a plastic composite material that is compatible with all types of fluids from water to fuels and most chemicals for long lasting portability.

The dual handle 15 Gallon Container is rotationally molded with a plastic composite material that is compatible with all types of fluids from water to fuels and most chemicals for long lasting portability.

As the name suggests, a fuel transfer pump helps in transporting fuel from a tank to a vehicle or from one location to another. Fuel transfer pumps are designed to work with different types of fuels and liquids such as petrol, diesel, oils etc. A fuel transfer pump comes in different shapes and sizes. Motorized fuel pump can be quite helpful for construction workers and farmers. Long route truck and lorry drivers know the importance of a hand fuel pump and a tank, serving as a mobile fuel station during long journeys.Manual fuel transfer pumps are the most used fluid dispensing solution in the absence of a power solution. Hand fuel pumps are also commonly used for dispensing from a drum, where there are small or medium quantities of fluid to transfer. Hand fuel pump range consists of a variety of different manual pumps that differ based upon body material, operating mechanism, flow rates and fluid compatibility.Here are some simple instructions that will help you buy the right-hand fuel pump for your requirements.1. For what type of work, you want to use the fuel pump.

While looking for a hand fuel pump, you need to figure out whether you need a Standard Duty or Commercial Duty/Heavy Duty pump. Standard duty hand fuel pump is sufficient for refueling small equipment like lawn mowers and recreational vehicles. Commercial Duty/Heavy Duty hand fuel pump is appropriate for fueling heavy equipment out in the field.Standard duty hand fuel pumps can be used for the following applications:

In case you do not have access to a power supply, you need a manual hand fuel pump. Check our range of hand fuel pumps at GROZ USA. These simple-to-use pumps are safe and economical. 3.For what type of fuel/fluid the pump will be used?

Designed specifically for high-volume transfer, bulk-unloading, or fueling applications. These pumps meet UL 79 specification code and are compatible with gasoline, aviation fuel, diesel fuel, fuel oil and kerosene.

Hands-free fuel transfer makes the job on the farm, construction site, or home easier than ever. At Gemplers, we carry manual, electric, or battery-powered fuel transfer pumps as well as fuel caddies, repair parts, and more.

Whether the job calls for a 12-Volt pump or a 115-Volt pump, FarmChem has the fuel pumps and fuel meters needed to do the work. Fill rite pump, transfer tank pump, pump kits, solo pumps, and meters are in stock. Brands include Fill-Rite and GPI.

A fuel transfer pump and meter are two devices used to move fuel from one tank or container to another. A Fuel Transfer Pump transfers fuel from the tank or container to the vehicle / machinery. A Meter measures how much fuel is in the tank or container being transferred.

The EX100 fuel transfer pump from Piusi is a heavy duty, self-priming rotary vane pump with ATEX approval. Boasting a higher flow rate than other models in the Piusi ATEX range, the EX100 fuel transfer pump has been designed for quick refilling of larger vehicles and machinery in zone one environments.

The GPI 12V DC EZ-8 Fuel Transfer Pump Series is the pump of choice for refueling recreational vehicles featuring a rotary gear design made from durable, lightweight corrosion-resistant diecast aluminum. The 12V DC motor delivers gas station equivalent flow rates of up to 8 GPM for gasoline, diesel fuel, ethanol blends, and kerosene. It is the perfect pump for on-the-go fueling for agriculture and automotive applications. Mount this dependable pump to fuel drums or tanks up to 100 gallons, and you are ready to go off-roading, cruise the lake, or achieve "yard of the week" mowing status.

Envirosafe carries a full line of fuel transfer pumps for above ground fuel tanks and other bulk fuel systems. Our heavy duty pumps are suitable for the transfer and dispensing of gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, bio fuel, AV gas and more. We also carry remote dispensers, cabinet pumps with dispensers, hand pumps, and flow meters

Designed to remove water and contaminants from a diesel fuel tank, transfer diesel fuel and prime heavy duty diesel engines. The 95psi setting is designed to be used only with Detroit Diesel DD13, 15 and 16 engines to open the two stage valve for complete fuel system priming.

Shop for this model in the DAVCO online store. Part Number: 788050DAV02-10 The DAVCO Shop Pro FXP 95 is a multipurpose shop floor tool, custom designed to remove water and contaminants from a diesel fuel tank, transfer diesel fuel and prime heavy duty diesel engines. The NEW Shop Pro FXP 95 has been upgraded with three-layer filtration, easy-to-service VOSS connectors, larger sight tube, and a new electrical box on a lighter, smaller cart. 2022 Improvements Smaller, lighter cart is easy to move and transport Three layer filtration removes more water from low IFT diesel fuel. Uses filters already in your stock New location of larger sight tube Voss fittings on serviceable parts Closed electrical box and 120VAC connection uses standard extension cord Lower center of gravity, easier to maneuver

Note: After upgrading to the 95 psi pump, the Shop Pro FXP should be used only on DD engines for complete fuel system priming. This does not affect the fuel transfer or fuel sweeping functions of the Shop Pro FXP. 041b061a72


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