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Backstreet Boys - Just Like You Like It [LYRICS]

In "Just Like You Like It," the boy band sings about a common theme in country music: wanting to make things just right for that special someone. "Girl, it's all for you, everything I do / You just set the groove / I'll pour it on, strong and smooth," sing the Backstreet Boys. "We've got all night long / So, tell me what you want / I'm gonna love you just like you like it."

Backstreet Boys - Just Like You Like It [LYRICS]


All the doors are closing I'm tryin' to move ahead (it felt like a church wedding scene, after the bride comes inside, the door is now being closed for the ceremony)And deep inside I wish it's me instead (I think the writer wishes to be the significant other instead of the new partner)My dreams are empty from the dayThe day you slipped away (the end of a relationship) it's a song of regret.

This song hints the end of the best, most glorious thing that the singer has gotten in one's life; perhaps it was referred to the golden time of the band. Thorough the song, it is mentioned repeatedly that such a thing will never come back. The video clip shows people, other than the BackStreetBoys, singing the lines. It is likely to say that though time can never be turned back, memory stays.

backstreet boys , like men .. all there songs are about being gay with eachother and or numerous sex partners a horrible thing to be teaching kids, the following needs to be done: they need to be terminated immediatley, all of their "albums" must be crushed shat on and then burned and there noise that they call music needs to be forgotten

Turn that music way down lowWe'll take it nice and slowI'll play it for you, just like you like itOh, we're two shadows in the darkNothing between us but a sparkI'll light this night up just like you like it

Turn that music way down lowWe'll take it nice and slowI'll play it for you, just like you like itOh, we're two shadows in the darkNothing between us but a sparkI'll light this night up just like you like it

While Eilish described "Nobody Like U" as the hit that "everyone knows," the pop tune has a deeper meaning to it when put into the context of the film, and what seems like a simple track is anything but.

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"When this came out, I was nine years old singing at the top of my lungs 'I need some love like I never needed love before' and '... tonight is the night when 2 become 1'. Only realised what the song was about like five years ago. Childhood ruined."

Sometimes it feels like every song you hear is about falling in love and all the happiness and pitfalls that go with it. However, if this has not happened for you yet or you just went through a bad breakup, all the focus on happily ever afters in music can make you want to throw something across the room.

Plus, it is a fun song you can groove to. There are not many songs about loneliness like that. This song explores the passion and desperation that can come from being alone instead of just melancholy.

Muffy: Oh yeah? You'd be just like everybody else. First you'd have a hit song, then you'd make a CD, then you'd make a video where you'd wear a cute little costume and learn how to dance and flounce your hair right. And the next thing you'll know you'll be making commercials and a ton of money, and, by the way, when that happens you owe me half of it, because it was all my idea.

Francine: Here are the rules. Number one: We hate groups that do sell out, like for instance the Backstreet Boys. Number two: We don't care about fame our money or stuff like that. Number three: I'm the boss! Any question?

Mr. Haney: Before I introduce our next PTA attraction, I have an important announcement to make. Mr. Pachiva, come on down. (A man come on stage and shakes hands with Mr. Haney.) Mr. Pachiva is the winner of our raffle. Miss Tingley, please show him what he's won. (Miss Tingley is carrying what looks like a mat with holes.) It's a combination potholder and bathmat. From oven to shower in one easy step. And now, as a fitting conclusion to this special day, I am pleased to present the musical stylings of U... huh?

George: (sings:) "Oh, our name is 'We Stink'! / We like to play rock 'n' roll music! / And we don't care what you think, / because we like to play a lot of songs!" That last part doesn't rhyme, you know.

Muffy: Did you hear what he said? Their Manager! There I was focusing on Nick, when all along it was Howie. Howie's always looked like the smart one. He's cute, too. And, hey, in, like, five years, we've got a "U Stink" reunion tour with the Backstreet Boys. (The Crosswire limo drives through the dark streets.)

Victoria: All these people [inspire me] on a vocal scale, because they're so versatile and they kind of can sing anything, but my favorite parts of them was when they were singing over a rock instrumental. That really influenced me, and it made me realize I can have a more colorful voice than the basic pop-punk dude voice and still be able to sing over rock. Pink's poppier stuff is just as good as her rockier stuff, and I think it's really important to be able to be versatile in your voice like she is.

Her music has always been really good. She's done many genres, and honestly, nailed them all. She's just one of those artists that, growing up, I always looked up to. There's never been a point in time where I didn't know that P!nk existed. I've always been like Wow, I want to be as influential as she is.

Juarez: She also has a lot of fun in her songs, and I feel like we get some of that from her. You don't have to take the song too seriously, you can still put your little spin on things.

Victoria: The melody for "Same Language," but specifically the post-chorus, reminds me so much of her. It's super high, it's super open. It's like a slap in your face in the best way. I can hear singing that part of the chorus so easily.

Juarez: I love that the music we make gives me the same feeling that "Breakaway" gave me when I first listened to it. It's, like, a vibe thing. And also Kelly Clarkson is like, the best person in the world. I think she can do no wrong.

Some playlists have been bursting with holiday music since early autumn, with releases such as Dolly Parton's "A Smoky Mountain Christmas" dropping back in August and Joss Stone's Merry Christmas, Love releasing in September. Since then, several more holiday albums arrived, whether they were new projects from artists such as Alicia Keys and Thomas Rhett or polished deluxe editions from the likes of Reba McEntire and Norah Jones.

Their music feels at home with other electro-pop bands like fellow Londoners Jungle and Aussie act Parcels. While much of it is upbeat and euphoric, Franc Moody also dips into the more chilled, dreamy realm, such as the vibey, sultry title track from their recently released Into the Ether. 041b061a72


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