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This guide will help you with the Warlords of China 2 Windows Installer. Instead of downloading the crack file provided here, you will need to download DXWnd. (Unless you are using the basic version of DXWnd, if that is the case you will not need to download DXWnd.) Again, there is no installer, you just need to copy the files you download to a folder on your PC. Start up 7-zip and select \"Open Rar archive\". Navigate to the folder in question and hit the \"Select files to add\" button, then \"Add\". In this case, you should see two files. Drag and drop the DXWnd folder on to the 7-zip program, and hit the \"Open folder\" button. It will automatically expand and you will find a WWin folder that holds all the files. Copy the WWin folder and move it to your desktop.


  • This is the direct link to the steam key. Please read the detailed instructions below first. You will need to download Steam before you can do this. In Steam, click on the \"My Games\" tab. Look for Warlords of China 2. You will find a file named \"warlords_of_china_2_beta_steam_installer.exe\". There are not two different files in the directory, just one named \"warlords_of_china_2_beta_steam_installer.exe\". To complete the process: Hold down the Ctrl key and double click on the file. It will launch Steam.

  • Once Steam is open, you will be taken to the Warlords of China 2 website where you must input your Steam username and password. Click on the \"Sign In\" link next to your username.

  • Enter your key in the fields displayed. Confirm your password to ensure that it was correctly entered.

  • Click on the \"Create a game\" button.

  • This will lead you to the Warlords of China 2 page. Click the \"I agree\" button if prompted.

  • Select the keyboard input method you prefer. Then click the \"Install\" button on the bottom right-hand corner.

  • When prompted for a file name, select \"WARLORDS OF CHINA 2\". The title will be reflected in the Steam interface. The program will then run and install automatically. When done, a Steam icon should appear in your game list.

  • Click on it and the game should load properly.


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