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Auto House 6 (2006)

So there could still be some juice in my lemon (wait till I tell spencer): huge 05q4 drop from previous quarter ( -20?) illustrating for me (not spencer though who is not easily (mis)led) those brought-forward sales due to incentives to clear out remaining 05 stock in a deteriorating market share for domestics. So here we are again, it seems to me, about to see a real ding in q4 GDP from a continuing lousy auto sector, that has already spent some of its q4 sales last quarter. (Not to mention a housing market that has made many feel less affluent.) And a ding from a not-too-impresive 2.2% GDP not the 4% it was a year ago.Ok, that lemon has had it now.

Auto House 6 (2006)

Buddy and Steve make a bet: if Steve beats Buddy in the WinterFest speedskating race, then Buddy removes the lights, and if Buddy beats Steve, Steve pays for the car. Buddy wins, causing Steve to yell at Buddy for being a nobody, since his house is still not visible from space. Hurt, Buddy compensates by buying a huge amount of programmable LED lights, which he pays for by hocking Tia's expensive heirloom vase, and Tia and the girls depart.

Having had enough, Steve buys various fireworks including The Atomic Warlord, a large, illegal, military-grade rocket from a gangster and tries to destroy the Hall house. The rocket misfires, setting the town Christmas tree on fire, and Steve's family leaves, but not before Kelly scolds Steve for ignoring his children to focus on Buddy.

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