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Jcop Plugin For Eclipse 'LINK'

Personalized Development: The JCOP Tools give developers the ability to modify the generated files before the generated files are "finalized" and sent for production, plus the ability to generate files from a run script.

Jcop Plugin For Eclipse

The JCOP Tools include a customized JDK 1.4 compiler, a JavaCard APDU simulator as well as a source-level debugger. The former allows developers to create different customizations, such as debugging, save to memory, source level debugging and APDU generation. The latter performs a binary-to-text conversion of generated files to apply conditional compilation and the generation of source code snippets from a script.

To enable customers to debug their JavaCard applications, the JCOP Tools include a JAR file that contains a source-level debugger: a JavaCard APDU simulator. With the debugger, the developer can execute, inspect, and modify JavaCard APDUs and use a built-in fast simulation loop to test and debug the application. This debugger has the same features as the JavaCard PDA Debugger for EM32 [3], which is licensed to Apache Foundation under an open source license. But the JCOP Tools do not use the EM32 API and will not use the EM32 debugger, which does not support debugging applications and environments for different programming drivers. Thus, it is not compatible with the JCOP Tools.

During the distribution of a custom JavaCard application, the installation of the JavaCard tools will also install the JDK 1.4 runtime environment. This can be used to generate application JAR files. For the installation of the JCOP Tools, custom configuration data can be provided. This can be stored in a file, a JAR file, or generated by a run-time script file.


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