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Download Hindi Movie Deep Fear ((FULL))

The term thanatophobia stems from the Greek representation of death, known as Thanatos. Sigmund Freud hypothesized that people express a fear of death as a disguise for a deeper source of concern. He asserted the unconscious does not deal with the passage of time or with negations, which do not calculate the amount of time left in one's life. Under the assumption people do not believe in their own deaths, Freud speculated it was not death people feared. He postulated one does not fear death itself, because one has never died. He suspected death related fears stem from unresolved childhood conflicts.[10][21][22]

Download hindi movie Deep Fear

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Religiosity can play a role in death anxiety through the concept of fear. There are two major claims concerning the interplay of fear and religion: that fear motivates religious belief, and that religious belief mitigates fear.[25] From these, Ernest Becker and Bronislaw Malinowski developed what is called "Terror Management Theory."[25] According to Terror Management Theory, humans are aware of their own mortality which, in turn, produces intense existential anxiety. To cope with and ease the produced existential anxiety, humans will pursue either literal or symbolic immortality.[25] Religion often falls under the category of literal immortality, but at times, depending on the religion, can also provide both forms of immortality.[25] It is theorised that those who are either very low or very high in religiosity experience much lower levels of death anxiety, whereas those with a very moderate amount of religiosity experience the highest levels of death anxiety.[25] One of the major reasons that religiosity plays such a large role in Terror Management Theory, as well as in similar theories, is the increase in existential death anxiety that people experience. Existential death anxiety is the belief that everything ceases after death; nothing continues on in any sense.[25] Seeing how people deeply fear such an absolute elimination of the self, they begin to gravitate toward religion which offers an escape from such a fate. According to one specific meta-analysis study that was performed in 2016, it was shown that lower rates of death anxiety and general fear about dying were experienced by those who went day-to-day living their religion and abiding by its practices, compared to those who merely label themselves as members of a given religion, without living according to its doctrines and prescribed practices.[25]

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What was fascinating as I watched the movie was to what lengths the characters went in order to avoid looking at their fear. The thing that they feared most was the thing they put all of their life energy into avoiding interacting with. I see this same parallel every day in my therapy practice with clients.

This experience is much like the last scene in the movie when Sandra Bullock and the two children make it to the safety of the compound and can take their first, un-blindfolded breaths. You, too, will be able to fully look around, take your own first deep breath and finally relax into the world.

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