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Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais: Les secrets de la réalisation et du casting du film

Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais: A Review

If you are a fan of martial arts movies, you have probably heard of Ip Man, the legendary Wing Chun master who trained Bruce Lee. Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais is the fourth and final installment of the popular biographical film series that follows the life and adventures of Ip Man. In this article, we will review the movie and tell you why you should watch it.

Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais


What is Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais?

Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais is a 2019 Hong Kong-Chinese martial arts film directed by Wilson Yip and produced by Raymond Wong. It stars Donnie Yen as Ip Man, Scott Adkins as Barton Geddes, Danny Chan as Bruce Lee, Vanness Wu as Hartman Wu, and Wu Yue as Wan Zonghua. The film is based on the life of Ip Man, a grandmaster of Wing Chun who is widely regarded as one of the most influential martial artists of the 20th century. The film is also the final chapter of the Ip Man film series, which began in 2008 with Ip Man and continued with Ip Man 2 (2010) and Ip Man 3 (2015).

Why should you watch Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais?

There are many reasons why you should watch Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais, whether you are a fan of the previous films or not. Here are some of them:

  • The film is a tribute to the legacy of Ip Man and his impact on martial arts and culture. It shows how he inspired generations of practitioners and students, including Bruce Lee, who became one of the most iconic figures in cinema and pop culture.

  • The film is a showcase of spectacular action and choreography. It features some of the best fight scenes ever seen on screen, with realistic and thrilling moves that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The film also pays homage to different styles and schools of martial arts, such as Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Karate, and Muay Thai.

  • The film is a reflection of history and society. It explores the themes of racism, discrimination, nationalism, and identity in the context of the 1960s America, when tensions were high between China and the US, and between immigrants and natives. The film also portrays the struggles and challenges faced by Ip Man and his fellow Chinese in a foreign land.

Plot Summary

Ip Man travels to San Francisco

The film begins in 1964, when Ip Man is diagnosed with throat cancer. He decides to travel to San Francisco to look for a school for his son, Ip Ching, who has been expelled from his school in Hong Kong for fighting. He also receives an invitation from his former student Bruce Lee, who has opened his own martial arts studio in San Francisco and wants to show him his progress.

Ip Man meets Bruce Lee and his students

When Ip Man arrives in San Francisco, he meets Bruce Lee and his students at a local Chinatown festival. He witnesses Bruce Lee's demonstration of Wing Chun and his challenge to other martial artists. He also meets Hartman Wu, a Chinese-American soldier who is a fan of Bruce Lee and wants to learn Wing Chun from him.

Ip Man faces challenges from the Chinese community and the US military

However, not everyone is happy with Bruce Lee's actions. The Chinese Benevolent Association (CBA), led by Wan Zonghua, disapproves of Bruce Lee's teaching of Wing Chun to non-Chinese people. They demand that Bruce Lee stop teaching or face a ban from the Chinese community. They also require that Ip Man write a letter of recommendation for Wan's daughter Yonah to enroll in a prestigious school.

Meanwhile, Hartman Wu faces discrimination and bullying from his superior officer Barton Geddes, a racist and arrogant karate master who hates Chinese people and martial arts. Geddes tries to sabotage Hartman's career and prevent him from introducing Wing Chun to the US military.

Ip Man fights for his legacy and his life

Ip Man refuses to write the letter for Yonah, saying that he does not know her well enough. He also refuses to interfere with Bruce Lee's teaching, saying that he respects his choice and believes that martial arts should be shared with everyone. This angers Wan Zonghua, who challenges Ip Man to a fight at his Tai Chi school.

Ip Man accepts the challenge and defeats Wan Zonghua in a respectful match. However, Geddes shows up with his men and attacks both schools. He injures Wan Zonghua and kills one of his students. He then challenges Ip Man to a fight at the naval base.

Ip Man agrees to fight Geddes at the naval base, despite his worsening health condition. He arrives at the base with Bruce Lee, Hartman Wu, Yonah Wan, and other Chinese supporters. He faces Geddes in a brutal fight that tests his skills and endurance. He manages to defeat Geddes with his signature one-inch punch.

The film ends with Ip Man returning to Hong Kong with his son. He passes away peacefully in his sleep in 1972. A montage shows how his legacy lives on through Bruce Lee and other Wing Chun practitioners around the world.


The themes of Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais

One of the main themes of Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais is racism. The film depicts how Chinese people were discriminated against and oppressed in America during the 1960s. They faced prejudice from both white Americans and other ethnic groups. They were denied equal opportunities in education, employment, housing, and social status. They were also stereotyped as weak, inferior, or exotic.

Chinese people can express their culture, heritage, pride, and dignity. They can also defend themselves against violence and injustice. They can also challenge the dominant narratives and representations of their race in media and society.

The action scenes of Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais

Another theme of Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais is action. The film delivers some of the most impressive action scenes ever seen in martial arts movies. The fight scenes are realistic, intense, varied, and creative. They showcase different styles and techniques of martial arts such as Wing Chun (a close-range style that emphasizes speed, precision, and economy), Tai Chi (a soft style that emphasizes balance, flow, and harmony), Karate (a hard style that emphasizes power, strikes, and blocks), Muay Thai (a style that uses elbows, knees, and clinches), etc.

The fight scenes also reflect the personalities and motivations of the characters. For example, Ip Man fights with calmness, wisdom, and compassion. He does not seek to humiliate or kill his opponents, but to teach them a lesson. He also adapts to different situations and challenges. Bruce Lee fights with confidence, charisma, and flair. He uses his speed, agility, and creativity. He also mixes different styles and elements of martial arts such as Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, nunchaku, etc. Geddes fights with aggression, arrogance, and cruelty. He uses his strength, size, and authority. He also resorts to dirty tricks and weapons.

The performances of Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais

A third theme of Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais is performance. The film features some of the best performances by the actors and actresses who play the roles of the characters. They bring life and emotion to the screen with their expressions, gestures, and voices. They also demonstrate their skills and dedication in performing the martial arts moves and stunts.

Donnie Yen is outstanding as Ip Man. He portrays the character with grace, dignity, and humility. He also shows his range and depth in conveying Ip Man's emotions and struggles. He makes us feel his pain, joy, anger, and sadness. He also impresses us with his physical abilities and mastery of Wing Chun.

Scott Adkins is formidable as Barton Geddes. He plays the villain with conviction, intensity, and menace. He also shows his athleticism and prowess in performing karate moves and stunts. He makes us hate his character for his racism, violence, and injustice.

Danny Chan is remarkable as Bruce Lee. He plays the role with charisma, humor, and passion. He also shows his resemblance and tribute to the real Bruce Lee in his appearance, voice, and mannerisms. He makes us admire his character for his talent, courage, and innovation.


The strengths and weaknesses of Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais

Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais is a film that has many strengths and few weaknesses. The strengths of the film are:

  • The film is a satisfying conclusion to the Ip Man film series. It wraps up the story of Ip Man and his legacy in a respectful and meaningful way.

  • The film is a thrilling entertainment for martial arts fans. It offers a feast of action and excitement that will keep you entertained from start to finish.

  • The film is a thoughtful commentary on history and society. It sheds light on the issues and challenges faced by Chinese people in America during the 1960s. It also raises questions about racism, identity, and culture.

The weaknesses of the film are:

  • The film is not very accurate or realistic in its depiction of history and events. It takes many liberties and exaggerations in its portrayal of Ip Man's life and adventures. It also simplifies or ignores some of the complexities and nuances of the historical context.

  • The film is not very original or innovative in its plot and structure. It follows a similar formula and pattern as the previous films in the series. It also relies on some clichés and stereotypes in its characterization and dialogue.

The final verdict on Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais

In conclusion, Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais is a film that deserves to be watched by anyone who loves martial arts movies or who wants to learn more about Ip Man and his legacy. It is a film that combines action, drama, history, and culture in a captivating way. It is a film that pays tribute to one of the greatest martial artists of all time.


  • Q: Where can I watch Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais?

  • A: You can watch Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais online on various streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc. You can also buy or rent it on DVD or Blu-ray.

  • Q: Is Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais based on a true story?

  • A: Ip Man 4 Film Complet Francais is based on the life of Ip Man, but it is not a true story. It is a fictionalized account that dramatizes some aspects of his life and adds some fictional elements.

  • Q: Who is Ip Man?

  • A: Ip Man was a Chinese martial artist who was born in Foshan, China in 1893. He was a master of Wing Chun, a style of kung fu that he learned from his teacher Chan Wah-shun. He moved to Hong Kong in 1949 after the Chinese Civil War. He became famous for teaching Wing Chun to many students, including Bruce Lee.

  • Q: Who is Bruce Lee?

  • A: Bruce Lee was a Chinese-American martial artist who was born in San Francisco in 1940. He was one of Ip Man's most famous students who learned Wing Chun from him in Hong Kong. He later developed his own style of martial arts called Jeet Kune Do. He became a star in Hollywood movies such as Enter the Dragon and The Way of the Dragon.

  • Q: What is Wing Chun?

  • A: Wing Chun is a style of kung fu that originated in southern China. It is characterized by its close-range combat techniques that emphasize speed, precision, and economy of movement. It uses punches, kicks, traps, blocks, and parries. It also uses a wooden dummy called Muk Yan Jong for training.


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