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Good Things Feat Polow Da Don Keri Hilson

For being such an avid fan of everything Keri Hilson, I don't think I've posted enough of her stuff on the blog. That should all change with her upcoming No Boys Allowed due out sometime presumably in the next 6 months. I say presumably because the picture above is from @misskeribaby's new video for the song below The Way You Love Me, which will be her official first single off the album, replacing potential singles turned bust Breaking Point and Pretty Girl Rock.Really all you need to know is that her vocals are going to be matched up exclusively with the production of Polow da Don and Timbaland on her album, which has a potential success rate that makes 100% feel like the starting line. To sum it all up, it's the perfect storm of awesome where two of the best producers in the game see how great of an artist she is and know how to bring out the best in her. The single below is exactly along those lines with @polow_da_don stepping up to take the first jab at a top 10 single. As far as a single choice is concerned, it's a no-brainer with Keri spreading her high pitched, high energy vocals over an uptempo club beat that will be sure to coerce it's fair share of hip to gyrate. That 808 bass is spot on too, giving it the audible depth that is necessary for running a dancefloor. Like any great producer, Polow hits the gas and break throughout the track, providing a contrast of tempo while managing to keep the energy on blast like it was on Four Loko, minus the blackout consequences. That stuff is no joke by the way, I've already hear more than my fair share of horror stories from people who have indulged.Rather than go HAM on COKE with Four Loko, indulge in the track below and settle for a few beers and shots, it's now become old fashioned, but it remains a potent way to fight that awful sentiment known as inhibition...#DontBeASquareKeri Hilson feat Rick Ross - The Way You Love Me (prod by Polow da Don)Download

Good Things Feat Polow Da Don Keri Hilson



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