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If you purchase audiobooks from Audible, you'd be familiar with aax format. Audible offers the world's largest selection of audiobooks and original ad-free audio shows. Audiobooks from are formed in AA/AAX file format with DRM protection. When you want to listen to AA/AAX audiobooks on any MP3 players you have, there is a necessity of removing DRM protection and converting AA/AAX audiobooks to MP3. Once Audible AA/AAX Audiobooks have been converted to MP3, you can enjoy your Audiobooks on any music player freely. Here we will introduce you 2 Audible converter that allows you to easily convert Audible AA/AAX audiobooks to MP3. Related: Where to get free audiobooks?

Axx Converter

  • Yes, you can. AA is the old format for Audible audiobooks and it's also convertible on this Audible converter. You can convert them to MP3 as you do for an AAX file." }}, "@type": "Question","name": "How to Get the Exported MP3 Audiobook Split by Chapter? ","acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer","text":"You can get the audiobooks split during the conversion on TuneFab Audible Converter. To enable the audiobook splitter, just navigate to the settings icon from the upper right corner and then click to select \"Output Settings\" to open the \"Preference\" window. Here offer three different modes to break down your Audible books."]}]var gt_request_uri = '/tutorials/convert-aax-to-mp3.html';//// /** Start Block Kit CSS: 136-3-fc37602abad173a9d9d95d89bbe6bb80 **/.envato-block__previewoverflow: visible !important;/** End Block Kit CSS: 136-3-fc37602abad173a9d9d95d89bbe6bb80 **//** Start Block Kit CSS: 144-3-3a7d335f39a8579c20cdf02f8d462582 **/.envato-block__previewoverflow: visible;/* Envato Kit 141 Custom Styles - Applied to the element under Advanced */.elementor-headline-animation-type-drop-in .elementor-headline-dynamic-wrappertext-align: center;.envato-kit-141-top-0 h1,.envato-kit-141-top-0 h2,.envato-kit-141-top-0 h3,.envato-kit-141-top-0 h4,.envato-kit-141-top-0 h5,.envato-kit-141-top-0 h6,.envato-kit-141-top-0 p margin-top: 0;.envato-kit-141-newsletter-inline .elementor-field-textual.elementor-size-md padding-left: 1.5rem;padding-right: 1.5rem;.envato-kit-141-bottom-0 p margin-bottom: 0;.envato-kit-141-bottom-8 .elementor-price-list .elementor-price-list-item .elementor-price-list-header margin-bottom: .5rem;.envato-kit-141.elementor-widget-testimonial-carousel.elementor-pagination-type-bullets .swiper-container padding-bottom: 52px;.envato-kit-141-display-inline display: inline-block;.envato-kit-141 .elementor-slick-slider ul.slick-dots bottom: -40px;/** End Block Kit CSS: 144-3-3a7d335f39a8579c20cdf02f8d462582 **//** Start Block Kit CSS: 71-3-d415519effd9e11f35d2438c58ea7ebf **/.envato-block__previewoverflow: visible;/** End Block Kit CSS: 71-3-d415519effd9e11f35d2438c58ea7ebf **/.perfmatters-lazy[data-src]display:none !important;.perfmatters-lazy-youtubeposition:relative;width:100%;max-width:100%;height:0;padding-bottom:56.23%;overflow:hidden.perfmatters-lazy-youtube imgposition:absolute;top:0;right:0;bottom:0;left:0;display:block;width:100%;max-width:100%;height:auto;margin:auto;border:none;cursor:pointer;transition:.5s all;-webkit-transition:.5s all;-moz-transition:.5s all.perfmatters-lazy-youtube img:hover-webkit-filter:brightness(75%).perfmatters-lazy-youtube .playposition:absolute;top:50%;left:50%;right:auto;width:68px;height:48px;margin-left:-34px;margin-top:-24px;background:url( -content/plugins/perfmatters/img/youtube.svg) no-repeat;background-position:center;background-size:cover;pointer-events:none.perfmatters-lazy-youtube iframeposition:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%;z-index:99.perfmatters-lazy:not(picture),.perfmatters-lazy>imgopacity:0.perfmatters-lazy.loaded,.perfmatters-lazy>img.loaded,.perfmatters-lazy[data-was-processed=true],.perfmatters-lazy.loaded>imgopacity:1;transition:opacity 500msbody .perfmatters-lazy-css-bg:not([data-was-processed="true"]),body .perfmatters-lazy-css-bg:not([data-was-processed="true"]) *,body .perfmatters-lazy-css-bg:not([data-was-processed="true"])::beforebackground-image:none!important;will-change:transform;transition:opacity 0.025s ease-in,transform 0.025s ease-in!important; PRODUCTS Music Apple Music Converter Decrypt Apple Music DRM protectionMusic ConverterConvert Spotify Ogg songs to MP3Audible ConverterConvert protected Audible AA/AAX to MP3Amazon Music ConverterDownload Amazon Music Prime/Unlimited/HDVideoiTunes Video ConverterConvert iTunes M4V videos to MP4 in HDSTORERESOURCES

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Luckily, for those who want to convert AAX to MP3 so as to better organize their audiobook library, here we will offer the best solution. With our pick for AAX to MP3 converters, it will be much easier to listen to audiobooks on more than one platform. Also, you will get to know some free Audible books for relaxation.

To convert protected AAX files to MP3, here we recommend TuneFab Audible Converter. It is a professional tool specially designed for Audible DRM removal. Unlike most Audible audiobook converters available, the upgraded TuneFab Audible Converter is able to directly convert Audible AAX files without connecting your Audible account to iTunes.

Function of Splitting AudiobooksIf you desire to keep your audiobooks in small-size files, try out its useful audiobook splitter feature to separate your books into multiple parts by chapter, by segments, or by time duration. Then the converter will smartly export the large audiobook file as different audio files. If you want to get the audiobook with only one file, it also provides you with a No Spilt mode.

320kbps Sound Quality and Great EfficiencyThis AAX to MP3 converter can help you convert Audible audiobooks at up to 60X faster speed. If you have lots of AAX files to convert, it also provides you with a batch conversion feature to help you proceed with the task simultaneously. Besides, if you wish to get a resulting file matching the original quality, you can change the bitrate to the highest 320kbps.

Launch TuneFab Audible Converter, and then select the audiobook that you want to convert. Simply click to add any AAX files to the converter. Or, you can locate the Audible download location, and then directly drag and drop the AAX to the main interface. In addition, TuneFab Audiobook Converter supports batch conversion that can save you more energy to get your audiobooks in MP3 audio.

The highlighted feature of this converter is its high efficiency. Commonly, an audiobook lasts for hours. 1X conversion speed may take ages to get the resultant file. But with TuneFab Audible Converter, you can quicken the process of converting a 2-hour long audiobook within minutes. To help you get quick results, TuneFab Audible Converter boosts the entire conversion process to 60X faster. And the sound quality of the converted files is also nice for playback.

If you don't want to install any software, popular online converters such as Zamzar, Convertio, AnyConv, and Online Audio Converter offer options to easily convert AAX to MP3. The procedure with these online AAX to MP3 converters is similar, so in this part, Online Audio Converter will be taken as an example.

Online Audio Converter is a versatile online tool for converting audio files, enabling you to upload your AAX files from your Google Drive or Dropbox and even files from a URL. It also allows you to configure output quality, bitrate, sample rate, and channels to get suitable output files. For format options, this converter works with multiple popular audio formats including MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, OGG, and more.

Actually, VLC can only convert DRM-free files that are with the .aax extension. If the audiobook is protected with DRM, you can't convert it to MP3 with VLC. At this time, AAX to MP3 converter like TuneFab Audible Converter can help you.

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Now that you already have an idea when it comes to converting Audible Audiobooks to MP3 format via a professional software application or via an online tool, we have this portion to further highlight some other options that are available for you. Yes, apart from using a professional app or an online tool, you can also check out some other Audible Audiobooks to MP3 format converters that are free of use.


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