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Teen Gina Strips

Nate: I knew it! Gina and her pals have started polluting our lounge with posters of teen idols and cheesy boy bands!Teddy: So now we put up our own posters to retaliate! Right?Nate: Exactly, Teddy! Got one right here! I'll hold it up, and you tape it on!Teddy: I'm not sure I can.Nate: Why? Is it crooked?

teen gina strips

Schulz's original submission to United Feature Syndicate was a panel cartoon rather than a strip, meaning it had no "definite characters," Schulz himself recalled in a 1990 interview with NPR's Fresh Air. When he went to New York to sign the contract he brought half a dozen strips with him, and the syndication service immediately said they'd rather go with a strip because they were easier to market. 041b061a72


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