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Where Can I Buy A Fye Gift Card

For your entertainment, fye offers CDs, Blu-ray discs, DVDs, video games, books and other entertainment products.They also buy all these same products, so check your fye gift card balance and get ready to save.

where can i buy a fye gift card


In-kind donations are crucial to us at Casey Cares to continue providing high-quality programming for critically ill kids and their families. There are many types of in-kind donations that can make lasting memories such as tickets to sporting events and concerts, gift cards and pajamas.

Baltimore City, State and Federal Employees can support Casey Cares Foundation by designating us on your Combined Charity Campaign Pledge Sheet. Please designate Casey Cares number #71487 for Federal, and #4710 for Maryland and City on your pledge cards this year and help support programs for critically ill children in your area.

Like the FYE Writing Awards, the Undergraduate Student Research Awards also are given out every year to writers of exemplary papers. However, the Undergraduate Student Research Awards are reserved for authors of research papers. From the group of winners, one student is awarded $1000 visa gift card, two students get $500 visa gift cards, and three students get a $100 visa gift card. Additionally, award-winning papers are preserved in the library archives. The competition is headed by the library staff who hope that the awards inspire others to do thoughtful and high-quality research.

In all cases, gift cards should be considered for use only after a careful review of the Administrative Policy Statement (APS) Propriety of Expenses, including application of the Tests of Propriety contained in that APS. Furthermore, their use must be in compliance with the Finance Procedural Statement Sensitive Expenses.

Organizational units are cautioned to purchase only the number of cards needed for the near term (e.g., only the number of gift cards planned for distribution in the next two weeks or month). This is to keep inventory to what is necessary and to reduce the likelihood of unused cards after completion of the study/event. See Voids/Cancellations, below.

Tax reporting is determined according to gift card use and dollar amount. Study subject payments are considered compensation for time and inconvenience and are therefore treated as taxable income to the recipient per the Internal Revenue Code, regardless of the payment method or amount. (See the PSC Procedural Statement Study Subject Payments for additional information.) Recognition awards, rewards, or prizes made via gift card are generally tax reportable. (See the Finance Procedural Statement Recognition and Training for additional information and exceptions.)

Internal controls over gift cards are required at all times. Each organizational unit must have written procedures in place that provide for the proper safeguarding of gift cards. At a minimum, the following internal controls must be in place:

A reconciliation of gift cards should be conducted whenever gift cards are purchased or at least quarterly. This reconciliation should consist of verifying that the number of cards purchased minus the number of cards disbursed agrees with the number of cards on hand. In addition, the value of the cards purchased should agree with the amount recorded in the PeopleSoft Finance System. The inventory needs to be performed by an individual who is not responsible for the issuance or custody of the gift cards (preferably the department approver) and in the presence of the custodian.

To change information about a gift card program (e.g., custodian, SpeedType, amount), the organizational unit should complete a Gift Card Authorization Request (GC) form identifying only the changes, attach a copy of the initial GC form, and submit to the campus controller's (finance) office.

If an organizational unit wishes to purchase a single-use gift card, e.g., one or two cards intended as a recognition gift, associated with an approved HR Recognition Program or otherwise in accordance with the Finance Procedural Statement Recognition and Training:

Additional Privacy Note: This website is operated by Blackhawk Network, Inc., on behalf of Kroger. Both entities have access to and control over Personal Data collected and processed on this site. Data protection laws in your jurisdiction may give you specific privacy rights, including the right to request access to or deletion of your Personal Data, and rights regarding the Sale of Data (where applicable). If you wish to exercise those rights you will need to make requests to each company directly; please visit the Blackhawk Network Inc. Privacy Notice and the Kroger Privacy Notice for more information.

The Visa and Mastercard gift cards are issued by U.S. Bank National Association, pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated and Visa U.S.A. Inc. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. No cash access. For use in the U.S. only. See Gift Card for terms and applicable fees. 041b061a72


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