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Staying With Aunt Katie [v1.07] [Completed]

The CDC recently published guidance on safer ways to honor holidays. This fall and winter, the lowest-risk celebrations involve staying close to home and avoiding air travel, as well as getting together in-person with only immediate family or your small household bubble.

Staying With Aunt Katie [v1.07] [Completed]


As communities across Alaska are starting to reopen responsibly and certain businesses have opened their doors, families are wondering what that might also mean for social interactions. Should we keep staying 6 feet away from others? Can families and friends start socializing with another family or friend? Can kids play together? Can you go for a hike with your best friend?

If you do choose to expand your social bubble, Zink advises keeping your bubble small with the same members over time. She strongly cautions against mixing bubbles. Creating a slightly larger bubble requires a special agreement between households. Members of this new bubble must agree not to join another bubble, because if one person in your group gets the virus, it will likely infect others, too. Everyone within the bubble must agree to follow health and safety precautions, like minimizing interactions outside their bubble and staying at least 6 feet away from people outside the bubble.

Families should prioritize playing outside with their family members and staying at least 6 feet away from people who are not members of their household. This may be difficult for families with little children who are too young to understand how to maintain a safe distance from others, Castrodale said.

Local athlete Liane Nagata has participated in the Eagle River Tri with her daughters, Lauren (20) and Madalyn (15) when they were younger. She said it was the perfect introduction to triathlons for her daughters, as they later completed the Gold Nugget Triathlon in Anchorage. 041b061a72


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