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Vivah Full Movie Avi ((EXCLUSIVE))

Upon returning, the family brings Poonam as a surprise, and a celebration is held in honour of Poonam's first visit and Prem's successful business venture. During the celebration, an angry and jealous Rama hides in her room. Krishnakant finds her and angrily confronts her and calls her out on her refusal to accept Poonam despite her attempts throughout her life to win Rama's love. He informs her that she is the only person who has ever had a problem with Poonam. However, 2 days before the wedding, a fire breaks out at Mishra house. Although Poonam runs out in time, she realizes Rajni is still inside and saves her, but gets heavily burnt in the process. The doctor informs her father that in such cases, even families disown their own. Upon hearing that Poonam's diagnosis, and the fact that she was injured saving Rajni, a remorseful Rama breaks down realizing how cruel she has been to Poonam. Bhagatji, broken heartedly, calls Prem right as he is leaving for Madhupur for the ceremony. As he is about to sign the waiver allowing her surgery, he begins to cry and cannot do so. Prem arrives, determined to marry Poonam despite her injuries and bringing the finest doctors from Delhi. He marries her informally before her surgery. With the aid of the doctors from Delhi, the hospital successfully performs surgery on Poonam. Later, Poonam and Prem are traditionally married and go home to their new life. At their wedding night, Prem takes the initiative of dressing Poonam's burns. Then the film ends with a kiss and beginning of their married life.

Vivah Full Movie Avi


Madhuparna Das of The Telegraph criticised Vivah for lacking plot, flat characters and mentioning that the story was "rather weak and improbable."[29] BBC described Vivah as "a didactic, worthy, and highly sanitised take on reality in keeping with the Rajshri tradition."[30] Rajeev Masand of CNN-IBN gave only 1 out of 5 stars and condemned the screenplay, calling both Kapoor and Rao "insipid and boring."[31] A review carried by Anupama Chopra mentioned, "Sooraj Barjatya's fantasy world is carefully constructed, but his conviction infuses his films with an emotional heft."[32]

Indian painter M. F. Husain, decided to create a series of paintings inspired by Amrita Rao and Vivah. He planned to create an entire exhibition around her.[33] He organised a private screening for 150 friends and press attendees to "convey his interest for the film" at Dubai's Plaza cinema.[34] The Regent, a theater in Patna, Bihar, put up a festive banner to promote the movie.[35] The banner reads Poonam weds Prem. Vivah inspired couples at that time to emulate the protagonists.[36] 041b061a72


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