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IDOLiSH7: Third Beat!

Idolish7 (アイドリッシュセブン, Aidorisshu Sebun, stylized as IDOLiSH7) is a Japanese rhythm game developed and published by Bandai Namco Online with music collaboration by Lantis for Android and iOS platforms,[1] which first released in Japan on August 20, 2015. The project features character design by Arina Tanemura.[2] Idolish7 has spawned several manga adaptations and novelizations. An anime television series adaptation by Troyca aired from January to May 2018,[3] and a second season aired from April to December 2020.[4] A third season premiered in July 2021. The album Regality connected to the series became the first album credited to a male in-story character group to top the weekly Oricon Albums Chart.[5]

IDOLiSH7: Third Beat!


Bandai Namco Entertainment released a tie-in console video game titled Idolish7 Twelve Fantasia! (アイドリッシュセブン Twelve Fantasia!)" for the PlayStation Vita on February 15, 2018. The game's story takes place between the second and third story parts of the smartphone game, focusing on the Idolish7, Trigger, and Re:vale groups on a combined tour across Japan. The game's final destination is a concert at Zero Arena.[30]

The music video for Trigger's third single, Crescent rise, was produced by Studio Trigger and released on January 27, 2020. It is part of a "Trigger X Trigger" collaboration project that was announced in September 2018.[31]

On July 7, 2018, Idolish7 was green-lit for a second season.[33] The second season, titled Idolish7: Second Beat! aired from April 5 to December 27, 2020, with the cast and staff returning to reprise their roles.[34][35][36] On April 13, 2020, it was announced that after the fourth episode, the remaining episodes of the season had been delayed due to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.[37] On August 20, 2020, it was announced that the season will resume with the third episode on October 4, 2020.[38]

On December 27, 2020, after the second season's finale, it was announced the series would be receiving a third season, titled Idolish7: Third Beat!.[39] The cast and staff are reprising their roles.[40] The third season is a split-cour series, with the first half airing from July 4 to September 26, 2021.[41][42] The second half premiered on October 2, 2022.[43]

The staff from the previous two anime and the Vibrato spinoff net anime returned for the third season. Makoto Bessho is again directing the new season at TROYCA, and Ayumi Sekine is back in charge of the series scripts. Ei Aoki is returning to supervise, and Kasumi Fukagawa is again adapting the original character designs by Arina Tanemura. Masami Inomata is back as the chief animation director. 041b061a72


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