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Yemelyan Rodionov

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its a cyclical thing in the american midwest. the winters ease and summers warm, bringing a revitalized economy. thats when the young and adventurous start to drift back, some forever. its the time of year when every second shop on main street shuts down because the lakes are frozen, and the sun never sets. the sun sets as snow blankets the slopes of mount powell and wolf, and it resumes around july, when ice fishing sessions and snowmobiling excursions resume along lake superior. its also the time of year when stoves and outdoor heaters come out, and its summer in the upper peninsula, a small region in michigan home to 36 percent of the u.s. population, including a portion known as the nickel town in marquette. just as its a magnet for retirees and visitors year after year, who sometimes dont make it out, its the same for people from other parts of the country, including the rest of michigan. and so, while more than a billion people reside in america, and more than $4.5 trillion is earned in the nation, most of the population is concentrated in these three states, led by the great lakes region. of the nations 1.1 billion people, a grand total of 54 percent (or just under 565 million) live in the upper peninsula, and more than 30 percent (about 342 million) are in new york (erie and niagara), new jersey, new hampshire, massachusetts, connecticut and rhode island.

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los angeles is fun when it doesnt have to be. which is why the city ranked #21 in people, when it ranked so low in travel, but soared 20 spots in lodging since last year. today, the city still draws tourism, thanks in part to one of the strongest economies in the world and a decade-old plan that makes it easy to stay in town on the cheap.


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