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We thus find in the patient, at a time when there was nothing to indicate the later phenomena, rudimentary automatisms, fragments of dream manifestations, which bear in themselves the possibility that some day more than one association would creep in between the perception of the dispersed attention and consciousness. The misreading shows us moreover a certain automatic independence of the psychical elements. This occasionally expands to a more or less fleeting dispersion of attention, although with very slight results and never in any way striking or suspicious; this dispersedness approximates to that of the physiological dream. The misreading can be thus conceived as a prodromal symptom of the later events ; especially as its psychology is prototypical for the mechanism of somnambulic dreams, which are indeed nothing but a many-sided multiplication and manifold variation of the elementary processes reviewed above. I never succeeded in demonstrating during my observations similar rudimentary automatisms. It would seem that in course of time, the states of dispersed attention, to a certain extent beneath the surface of consciousness, at first of low degree, have grown into these remarkable somnambulic attacks ; hence they disappeared during the waking state, which was free from attacks. So far as concerns the development of the patient's character beyond a certain not very extensive ripening, no remarkable change could be demonstrated during the observations lasting nearly two years. More remarkable is the fact that in the two years since the cessation (complete?) of the somnambulic attacks, a considerable change in character has taken place. We shall have occasion later on to speak of the importance of this observation.

An Unnatural Phenomena movie free download in italian

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The reasons (3) and (4) the entoptic phenomena in the darkness and the probable excitation of the visual sphere are of decisive importance for the appearance of hallucinations. The entoptic phenomena in this case play the same role in the auto-suggestion, the production of the automatism, as the slight tactile stimuli in hypnosis of the motor centre. As stated, flashes preceded the first hallucinatory twilight-state. Obviously attention was already at a high pitch, and directed to visual perceptions, so that the retina's own light, usually very weak, was seen with great intensity. The part played by entoptic perceptions of light in the origin of hallucinations deserves further consideration. Schiile says: "The swarming of light and colour which stimulates and animates the field of vision although in the dark, supplies the material for phantastic figures in the air before falling asleep. As we know, absolute darkness is never seen; a few particles of the dark field of vision are always illumined; flecks of light move here and there, and combine into all kinds of figures; it only needs a moderately active imagination to create out of them, as one does out of clouds, certain known figures. The power of reasoning, fading as one falls asleep, leaves phantasy free play to construct very vivid figures. In the place of the light spots, haziness and changing colours of the dark visual field, there arise definite outlines of objects."

Mr. George,Perhaps you have put your finger on the issue. Reference. Science must assume reference is not problematic. For if it is, then the progression of inference loses its way and fails. Person is the lost referent, and free will is its language. The fact is that there such a thing as mind, and that it cannot be identified or located in the parts we call the brain. But it would be irresponsible of us to suppose that what there is to be investigated is predetermined by our tools of investigation. This does not mean that we are at liberty to invent our subject. But if the rigorous study of reference proves its failure and can, just as rigorously, find its subject in that failure, then it would be just as irresponsible to ignore the finding.Science is hampered by its tools, as a matter of scale. We can investigate parts of the brain and find real phenomena there that is duly interpreted as functioning in a certain way, but if there is a fundamentally vexed relation between parts and wholes, then such interpretation is hamstrung by its presumptions. I'm not a biologist, but I have done some reading, and I am fascinated by the notion of cell differentiation. What orders this? Must it not be the case that every time a cell divides, at least in an organism which relies on cell differentiation as a means of becoming complex, that the result is two differentiated cells? How differentiated? If the whole point of a complex organism is that each cell is more ordered in differentiation than replication, where is the order of that difference? Might it not be that each cell has as its mission, as it were, to be the most differentiated? And so most conducive to the complex? And if you combine this thought with the matter of the lost referent, where does life begin, if not in a kind of freedom that only a vexed and uncompleted reference between parts and wholes can throw light on?Gary.


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