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Senidah - Dva Prsta

The album opens with "Zauvek" (Forever), a "quirky rap song with a progressive flow". It is followed by the lead single "Behute", which combines sevdah and flamenco and features acoustic guitars, "emotional" vocals, rhythmic handclaps and brass instruments. The title of the song comes from a Turkish word used colloquially in the Western Balkans, meaning "stupor", "inebriation" or "ecstasy".[12] "Saten" (Satin) is a synth-heavy track inspired by the 1980s music. The R&B track "Beli svemir" (White Universe) was compared to the singer's previous album, while the third single "Dva prsta" (Two Fingers) embraces the sound of reggaeton. "Mesečina i ja" (Moonlight and I) and "Level" are dance-pop tracks, and the former is followed by the ballad "Jadnaja" (portmanteau of jadna ja, meaning "poor me"), which served as the second single. "Jug" (South) and "Maria Magdalena" (Mary Magdalene) feature the sounds of drill and trap, over which the artist lays vocal inflections reminiscent of Young Thug. The dance track "Noćne životinje" (Nocturnal Animals) features distorted, "robotic" vocals and a repetitive hook, aiming to imitate the "altered state of consciousness" in the club. The ballad "Kad će doći red" (When Will It Be [My] Turn) incorporates the flamenco sound and handclaps even more prominently than "Behute". The avant-garde, self-titled track "Senida" blends drum and bass production with folk music harmonies and traditional women's choir vocals, leading to comparisons with Eurovision entries. "Femme fatale" is reminiscent of Bond themes, while the closing track "Soba 2" (Bedroom, Pt. 2) is a direct sequel to the artist's previous album's opening track "Soba" (Bedroom). It is a ballad that discards electronic beats and percussion in favour of a guitar, synthesizers and heavy Auto-Tune.[1][13][14]

Senidah - Dva prsta

The third single from Za Tebe, titled "Dva prsta", was released on 2 November 2022. The music video, which was also directed by Ljubba, displays scenes of a traditional Balkan wedding with Senidah portraying a bride participating in traditional male customs, an implication that the artist married herself. The video also features references to virginity tests, which were interpreted by B92 as the artist empowering women against degrading traditions.[21][22][23] "Dva prsta" debuted and peaked at number 12 on Billboard Croatia Songs.[24] 041b061a72


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