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How Does a Nanny Agency Work?

Most parents looking to hire an agency have never worked with one before. They don't know the do's and dont's they arent familiar with the fee's or the current market. This article is to help you better understand what to expect when reaching out to your local agency

What to Expect 

When reaching out to agencies, it is important to keep in mind that no agency is the same. They all have different procedures for their families and candidates to follow.


Also, keep in mind that before contacting an agency you have an idea of what you are looking for. This could include Start dates and schedules. Will cooking and cleaning be required? What about driving? All of these questions will be asked before you begin meeting with potential nannies. It is always helpful to make sure you have a concrete idea of what you are looking for.


All agencies have placement fees. Typically, these fees can range anywhere between 8-25% of the nanny's yearly salary. It is important that you keep budgeting in mind and ask yourself if you are okay with making the investment. Nanny agencies not only save you thousands down the line they save you time as well.

Family and nanny profiles 

Most agencies will collect your family profile once you begin working with them.  A family profile is an informative survey that helps collect information about your family's specific needs. Family profiles give the agency a better idea of whom they are working with and really helps them narrow down possible candidates. 

Nanny profiles are the profiles you will receive of possible candidates. Nanny profiles often contain the name, location and professional background of potential candidates. nanny profiles also often times contain pictures of the nannies to help you get a better feel of the person you're reading about. 






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